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$$ Bypass Sleep Attempts
bp kernelbase!sleepex ".printf \"Application tried to sleep: %u seconds...\",poi(esp+4)/1000;.echo;ed esp+4 0x0;g"
$$ Break at entry point, set a breakpoint when anything tries to access the PEB isDebugged byte and assemble backwards from there.
bp $exentry "ba r 1 $peb+0x2 \"ub\";g"
$$ Break at entry point, zero out PEB isDebugged byte to evade attempts to check this specific byte.
bp $exentry "eb $peb+0x2 0x0"
$$ Printout Files Being Created
bp kernelbase!CreateFileW ".if(poi(esp+0x14) != 0n3){.printf \"Creating File: %mu\",poi(esp+0x4);.echo};g"
bp kernelbase!CreateFileA ".if(poi(esp+0x14) != 0n3){.printf \"Creating File: %mu\",poi(esp+0x4);.echo};g"
$$ Print Contents of File Buffer when being written to.
bp kernelbase!WriteFile ".printf \"Dumping file contents from 0x%p as ASCII: %ma\",poi(esp+0x8),poi(esp+0x8);.echo;g"
$$ Printout Files Being Deleted
bp kernel32!DeleteFileW ".printf \"Deleting File: %mu\",poi(esp+4);.echo;g"
bp kernel32!DeleteFileA ".printf \"Deleting File: %ma\",poi(esp);.echo;g"
$$ Printout Files Being Moved
bp kernel32!MoveFileExW ".printf \"File moved.\";.echo;.printf \"From: %mu\",poi(esp+0x4);.echo;.printf \"To: %mu\",poi(esp+0x8);.echo;g"
bp kernel32!MoveFileExA ".printf \"File moved.\";.echo;.printf \"From: %ma\",poi(esp+0x4);.echo;.printf \"To: %ma\",poi(esp+0x8);.echo;g"
$$ Printout Files Being Copied
bp kernel32!CopyFileW ".printf \" Copying file: \";.echo;.printf \"\tFrom: %mu\",poi(esp+0x4);.echo;.printf \"\tTo: %mu\",poi(esp+0x8);.echo;g"
bp kernel32!CopyFileA ".printf \" Copying file: \";.echo;.printf \"\tFrom: %ma\",poi(esp+0x4);.echo;.printf \"\tTo: %ma\",poi(esp+0x8);.echo;g"
$$ Printout Registry Keys Being Created.
bp kernel32!RegCreateKeyExA “.printf \”Creating RegKey: %ma\”,poi(esp+0x8);.echo;g”
bp kernel32!RegCreateKeyExW “.printf \”Creating RegKey: %mu\”,poi(esp+0x8);.echo;g”
$$ Printout Registry Keys Being Accessed.
bp kernel32!RegOpenKeyExA ".printf \"Accessed RegKey: %ma\",poi(esp+0x8);.echo;g"
bp kernel32!RegOpenKeyExW ".printf \"Accessed RegKey: %mu\",poi(esp+0x8);.echo;g"
$$ Printout Registry Key Values being accessed.
bp kernel32!RegQueryValueExA ".printf \"\tAccessed RegValue: %ma\",poi(esp+0x8);.echo;g"
bp kernel32!RegQueryValueExW ".printf \"\tAccessed RegValue: %mu\",poi(esp+0x8);.echo;g"
$$ Printout Registry Key Values being set.
bp kernel32!RegSetValueExA ".printf \"Setting RegKey %ma to value: %ma\",poi(esp+0x8),poi(esp+0x14);.echo;g"
bp kernel32!RegSetValueExW ".printf \"Setting RegKey %mu to value: %mu\",poi(esp+0x8),poi(esp+0x14);.echo;g"
$$ Printout Services Being Created.
bp advapi32!CreateServiceA ".printf \"Creating Service: \";.echo;.printf \"\tService Name: %ma\",poi(esp+0x4);.echo;.printf \"\tDisplay Name: %ma\",poi(esp+0x8);.echo;g"
bp advapi32!CreateServiceW ".printf \"Creating Service: \";.echo;.printf \"\tService Name: %mu\",poi(esp+0x4);.echo;.printf \"\tDisplay Name: %mu\",poi(esp+0x8);.echo;g"
$$ Printout Processes Being Created.
bp kernel32!CreateProcessW ".printf \"Creating Process: %mu\",poi(esp+0x8);.echo;g"
bp kernel32!CreateProcessA ".printf \"Creating Process: %ma\",poi(esp+0x8);.echo;g"
$$ Printout Commands Being Executed
bp shell32!shellexecuteW ".printf\"Running Command:\";.echo;\"\tOperation: %mu\";.echo;\"\tTarget: %mu\";.echo;\"\tParams: %mu\",poi(esp+0x8),poi(esp+0xC),poi(esp+0x10);.echo;g"
bp shell32!shellexecuteA ".printf\"Running Command:\";.echo;\"\tOperation: %ma\";.echo;\"\tTarget: %ma\";.echo;\"\tParams: %mu\",poi(esp+0x8),poi(esp+0xC),poi(esp+0x10);.echo;g"
bp shell32!shellExecuteExW ".printf\"Running Command:\";.echo;\"\tOperation: %mu\";.echo;\"\tTarget: %mu\";.echo;\"\tParams: %mu\",poi(poi(esp+0x4)+0xC),poi(poi(esp+0x4)+0x10),poi(poi(esp+0x4)+0x14)
bp shell32!shellExecuteExA ".printf\"Running Command:\";.echo;\"\tOperation: %ma\";.echo;\"\tTarget: %ma\";.echo;\"\tParams: %ma\",poi(poi(esp+0x4)+0xC),poi(poi(esp+0x4)+0x10),poi(poi(esp+0x4)+0x14)
$$ Printout Libraries Being Loaded.
bp kernel32!LoadLibraryA ".printf \"Loading LibraryA: %ma\",poi(esp+0x4);.echo;g"
bp kernel32!LoadLibraryW ".printf \"Loading LibraryW: %mu\",poi(esp+0x4);.echo;g"
$$ Printout Functions Being Looked Up
bp kernel32!GetProcAddress ".printf \"\t Looking up function: %ma\",poi(esp+0x8);.echo;g"
$$ Search all of user-land memory for ascii based strings. IE: http://
s -a 0x0 L?0x7FFFFFFF http://
$$ Search all of user-land memory for unicode based strings. IE: http://
s -u 0x0 L?0x7FFFFFFF http://
$$ Examples of looping through memory and printing URLs found.
.foreach (url {s –[1]a 0x0 L?0x7FFFFFFF http://}){.printf “Found URL: %ma\n”,${url}}
.foreach (url {s –[1]u 0x0 L?0x7FFFFFFF http://}){.printf “Found URL: %mu\n”,${url}}
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