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ia64 (itanium) decoder implemented as part of the yaxpeax project.

yaxpeax-ia64 implements traits provided by yaxpeax-arch, which are likely how you want to use this library from Rust. yaxpeax-ia64 does not (yet?) know about ia-32/x86 code. for x86, see yaxpeax-x86's protected_mode module, which is what yaxpeax-ia64 would likely use anyway.

implementation is heavily derived from the manual itanium-architecture-vol-1-2-3-4-reference-set-manual.pdf, as of 2019-09-07. sha256: 705d2fc04ab378568eddb6bac4ee6974b6224b8efb5f73606f964f4a86e22955.

bytes go in, instructions come out - from

let decoder = yaxpeax_ia64::InstDecoder::default();
let expected = "[MMI] ld1 r17=[r17];; nop.m 0x0; dep r14=r18,r14,0x0,0x8";
let data = [0x0a, 0x88, 0x00, 0x22, 0x00, 0x10, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x02, 0x00, 0xc0, 0x21, 0x71, 0xdc, 0x4f];
let inst = decoder.decode(data[..].iter().cloned()).unwrap();
assert_eq!(format!("{}", inst), expected);

the InstructionBundle impl for Display is somewhat opinionated in output format, it will write instructions all in one line. for more customized display formats (some kind of cool multi-column layout perhaps?), you'll want to whip something more clever up by using InstructionBundle::instructions() and handling instructions independently.


  • probably works
  • almost-#[no_std]
  • exists

probably works

the only decoding oracle i could find was the ia64 decoder in GNU binutils. i suspect it's correct, but between the size of the instruction set, details in immediate encoding, and user-mode-focused testing, there may be some misdecodes! a critical eye is warranted, though i expect yaxpeax-ia64 to generally be correct or close to it.


yaxpeax-ia64 does not reference std::, and theoretically #[no_std] is as simple as putting a #![no_std] in and moving on. i don't expect to build or use yaxpeax-ia64 in this configuration, so it is not enabled out of avoiding extra test permutations.

if you would like to use yaxpeax-ia64 in a no-std configuration:

  • awesome! shouldn't be hard
  • why?
  • rust doesn't even target ia64 as a tier 3 platform, are you trying to get C bindings? that would be good to specify too


yeah i'm surprised too. the only other itanium disassemblers seem to be the one in GNU binutils and possibly one in qemu-ia64, but i'm not sure about the latter.

additionally, there is the ski ia64 emulator by Hewlett-Packard, and since released as open-source. being an ia64 emulator, it includes an ia64 disassembler, and given the provenance of the project, it seems reasonable to believe it's trustworthy as well.

one day, i would like to test yaxpeax-ia64 against ski and binutils.


ia64 (itanium) decoder for the yaxpeax project







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