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Awesome Container Tinkering

An ever growing list of tools to tinker with containers.


Not an awesome-docker list. Instead of being beginner-focused all-encompassing list of resources to get into containers, this project will be collecting links to (and thoughts about):

  • Lower-level building blocks (runtimes, libraries, CLIs)
  • Solutions for running containers locally and remotely
  • Helper tools and libraries to inspect, edit, or move images
  • In-depth write-ups and video resources on the above.

The project is WIP. The current list of categories includes:


Everyone should be able to find something useful here, but to get the most out of it you'd probably need some prior familiarity with Docker (or alike). Potential target audience:

  • Infrastructure folks (DevOps, SREs, System Administrators)
  • Developers of Cloud Native tools
  • Or just anyone willing to seriously strengthen their container game.


Over the years, I've accumulated tens of links to various container-related projects, so, first of all, I just needed a place for a brain dump. But also to share, to get feedback, and to learn more about the tools from the community. Sharing is caring!


  • ⭐ - widely-used/de facto standard solution
  • 👨‍🔬 - experimental project
  • 🎓 - edu/fun/toy project
  • 🤑 - requires a payment (even for personal use)
  • ⚠️ - project looks abandoned/unmaintained
  • 🪦 - project has been officially discontinued


Contributions are more than welcome!

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