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Adds touch & gesture support to your bootstrap components

The Aim of Bootstrap-Touch

BS-Touch do not change the original BS Library sourcecode. It's a layer for touch interaction and visual improvements, that doesn't work as a standalone framework. The framework has a build-in touch detection and invoke its functionality only on touch or MSPointer enabled devices, like the iPhone or Nokia WindowsPhone. It's not a part of BS, it's an extension that works hand-in-hand with BS.

Project State

Currently, I work on a technical concept of such a framework. I'm trying to find an answer, on how this could ne realized. Last Week, I released a early prototype of one BS component for touch-enabled devices. The project sourcecode is available on github.

Next Steps

If you are interested in this project, please help me to find some cool ideas on how to realize somthing like this, fork the project on github or just have a talk on twitter. Have a look at the list of current issues, you can find a few ideas, bugs and improvements I've already collected. Feel free to complete the list..

Copyright and license

Copyright (c) 2013 ixisio Licensed under the MIT license.


Adds touch & gesture support to your bootstrap components



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