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A haskell library for dealing with colors.

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`prizm` is a Haskell library for computing with colors. Specifically providing functions for transforming between different color spaces, interpolating colors and adjusting the tint, shade, hue, or lightness or a color.

My inspiration for writing this was Sass and Bourbon, both implement interesting functions for computing with colors for use in stylesheets and I wanted the same thing for use in Clay.

Colour Module

There is some overlap with the Haskell Colour Module that already exists; however, this library is filling a couple of needs the other doesn’t satisfy. Primarily transformations and color mutations in the CIE L*Ch space.

Supported Algorithms

  • sRGB <-> CIE XYZ
  • CIE XYZ <-> CIE L\*ab
  • CIE L\*ab <-> CIE L\*Ch

Supported Functions

  • Color interpolation
  • Tinting / Darkening
  • Lightness
  • Hue
  • Chroma/Saturation

All of these functions operate on color within the CIE L\*Ch representation. The percentage values may range between -100 and 100.

General Color Formulas, Data, and Algorithms CIE Conversion Mathematics Conversion Algorithm Sources Good list of useful color manipulation formulas

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