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Information eXtraction and MONitoring tool

A terminal based (rss/atom/youtube/vine/instagram/weather/stocks/cryptocurrency/kitchen sink) feed reader and monitor written in php.

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You will need php 5 or higher with ncurses support (adding with yum or apt to an existing php installation should go off without a hitch), xterm, and optionally, "fortune", and the imagemagick command line tools for generating image previews.

For dependencies on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr, try

apt-get install php5 php5-dev libncursesw5-dev php-pear fortune imagemagick php5-curl

pecl install ncurses

To build ixmon, run the Makefile one level up from the src/ directory

make test
make install

It will try to install to /usr/local/bin/ixmon by default, to install as a non-root user, just copy off the resulting executable "ixmon" script wherever you'd like.


The php script installs to /usr/local/bin/ixmon by default, and configuration files are kept in ~/.ixmon/

The ~/.ixmon/config file is where you specify the RSS/etc URLS you wish to monitor

#### Sample Config

# lines begining with a "#" are comments
# lines begining with a -- are group names
# The following example would create a group called 'trend data' with two
# feed urls,  a group called 'news' with two items, and a group called
# 'financial' with three items
# --trend data
# --news
# --financial
# coin://bitcoin
# coin://dogeecoin
# stock://GLD

Help Documentation

Pressing ESC from within the program will show you keyboard shortcuts (VIM and arrow keys, plus a few more) and some quick information about the syntax of the configuration file, and please check out to see this program reincarnated as an ajax webapp.