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The Internet of Impact


  1. ixo-webclient ixo-webclient Public

    Web portal to the Internet of Impact

    TypeScript 26 16

  2. ixo-blockchain ixo-blockchain Public

    ixo blockchain SDK

    JavaScript 44 28

  3. ixo-blocksync ixo-blocksync Public

    Syncs all the public info from an ixo blockchain to an instance of PostgreSQL.

    TypeScript 4 5

  4. ixo-multiclient-sdk ixo-multiclient-sdk Public

    Typescript multi-client SDK to query and transact on the ixo blockchain as well as all the other incorporated chains

    TypeScript 3

  5. Impact-Wallet-Users Impact-Wallet-Users Public

    The official channel for Impact wallet feature requests and issue reporting

  6. jambo jambo Public

    ixo JAMBO client to create dApps

    TypeScript 2 4


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