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Ixonos MISP CIMD simulator is a CIMD v2 compliant server designed to be used for testing CIMD client applications.
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Ixonos MISP CIMD simulator is a Computer Interface to Message Distribution
(CIMD, protocol version 2.0 compliant server
that is designed to be used for developing and testing CIMD applications.
It can be used out-of-the box for development, functional and load testing CIMD send-only
and receiving applications. The simulator does not interface with a SMSC or MMSC.
It has been designed to be simple, light-weight, scalable and can easily be
extended for other use cases and purposes.

For more information on the Ixonos MISP messaging server product please see:


building, packaging, installation

- Java SE 7 JDK
- Apache Maven 3
- jcimd
  git clone
  cd jcimd
  mvn clean install

# NB: build and install jcimd before this.
mvn clean install

mvn assembly:single

tar ztf target/cimdsimulator-0.7-SNAPSHOT-bin.tar.gz
cd cimdsimulator-0.7-SNAPSHOT

# startup
sh bin/

# injecting a message
telnet localhost 9072
1000,rlu,123,456,"hello, world #%d"


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