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Command line interface for the Open-E Data Storage Server using both the SSH API as well as Webscraping

Currently only DSS6 is supported for webscraping. DSS7 is under development. SSH API use is supported for both DSS6 and DSS7.


The dss_cli command line tool is targeted of owners or administrators of an Open-E DSS server wishing to completely automate the creation of failover volumes, something the current API does not support.

General Description

The Data Storage Server (DSS) from Open-E ( is a Linux based storage server.

Management tasks such as initial setup but also more common tasks such as creation of volumes, setup of replication etc. are usually performed via an ajax web-interface.

The DSS software has a limited API for executing certain tasks via SSH command line execution.

Unfortunately this API is not offering all the needed functionality to programatically create failover volumes in a cluster, something often needed in a professional environment.

The dss_cli program is both able to access a DSS via SSH as well as simulating a web-browser in order to complement the offered API. This way the following tasks not available through the regular API are now available for automation/scripting:

  • failover_task - Manage failover tasks/volumes. All replicated volumes on a DSS filer are available for failover services on a virtual IP but need to be enabled. This function allows to do this.

  • failover_safe - Query the filer if all disks are synced and it is safe to failover from active to the passive cluster member.

  • iscsi_target_access - Configure IP Access rules for iSCSI targets.

  • iscsi_target_remove - Remove the iSCSI target declaration.

  • lv_remove - Remove an (unused) logical volume from the storage server.

  • nas_share_toggle_smb - Enable or disable SMB functionality for a share.

  • volume_replication_mode - Volumes created through the web interface of through the API are by default created as replication sources. Before replication can be enabled in a failover configuration, the secondary volume needs to be configured as a replication destination.

  • volume_replication_remove - While the regular API offers the ability to add replication to an existing volume it is unable to remove the replication flag again. While replication is enabled, a volume cannot be removed.

  • volume_replication_task_create - After the volumes for replication have been created, a replication task needs to be created to configure the actual synchronisation of data.

  • volume_replication_task_remove - Remove a stopped volume replication task.

  • volume_replication_task_stop - Stop a running volume replication task.


The code is licensed under the GNU Public License version 2. The main points to take away from this are:

  • It is allowed to use this software both non- as well as commercially.
  • It is allowed to modify this software and use these modified versions.
  • Should a modified version be distributed, source code needs to be made available to the receipients of the distributed version.


This tool was written by Andreas Thienemann for use at Bawue.Net (


Command line interface for the Open-E Data Storage Server using both the SSH API as well as Webscraping







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