some scripts to do with my NoFacesForNames Artwork
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No face for names

A collection of scripts for various things I needed for the programming side of NoFaceForNames

  • Narrative/Memento downloading script for linux (as well as rotation)
  • openFrameworks app that takes arguments and cuts out faces from photos (resizing them to 384x384 in b&w)
  • mplayer speed control for heartbeat

everything is provided as is, CC-0 (see COPYING.TXT) for all my work, there is an included haar cascade it is not mine, i can remove it upon request
the heartbeat wav file is in the public domain under CC-0, feel free to reuse and redistribute

it will probably be still sloppy in places but hopefully it may help you with whatever you want
note: that in some places paths are from the home directory, always study the code before running