SASS port of Twitter's Bootstrap CSS toolkit.
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Yet another SASS port of Twitter's Bootstrap CSS toolkit.

DICONTINUED I have no time to mantain this anymore and there's already a really good port.

Why there's no Makefile or docs?

It's not supposed to be Twitter's Bootstrap alternative. It's just port of its LESS files to SASS keeping them almost identical. You can simply drop this SASS version into your Rails app to keep your "technologies' zoo" as small as possible :))

For docs and javascript files and everything else you can use original repo.

This repo is just about SASS port of LESS part of the framework and nothing more. ;))

Why SASS, when it was LESS?

  • Because I prefer SASS over LESS.
  • Because I want to have one technology per task in my projects (e.g. for RoR based projects).