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A very simple html page that signs IOTA transaction bundles.
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IOTA Offline

A completely offline IOTA transaction bundle signer.

⚠️ This toolset requires two devices.

  • An offline device for signing transactions.
  • An online device for broadcasting.

⚠️ Important notice! These tools are intended for and only for experienced IOTA users that understand the technical details and intricacies of the IOTA tangle. The input verification of these tools are limited due to the nature of being an offline toolset. Therefore, use with caution and at your own risk.


I've never been completely comfortable signing IOTA transactions online using the mobile/desktop wallet provided by the IOTA Foundation. Personally I will only use those wallets with throw-away seeds and small IOTA quantities.

Therefore, I want to store my main stash of IOTA on a seed that has never been exposed any networked device.

My own setup is:

  1. Use a bootable OS on a pendrive and open the iota-offline-bundle-signer.html. Using the bundle-signer I can produce a valid and signed transaction bundle offline.

  2. Later, I open the iota-online-bundle-broadcaster.html on another networked device. Now I can broadcast my signed transaction bundle to the tangle.

By doing it this way, I feel very comfortable signing transactions from my cold wallet to my hot wallet.

Build from scratch (optional/not required)

Required softwares:

  • npm (Node package manager)
  1. Install the required software.
  2. Open a terminal.
  3. Navigate to the iota-offline folder.
  4. Run the command: npm install


There is no installation required, you can use the pre-compiled toolset out of the box. Download the files, go to the folder dist/ and open any of the .html files in your browser.

Demonstrational video

📺 How to use iota-offline

Step 1: iota-offline-address-generator.html


Seed :

Enter your 81 tryte seed.

Security level :

The level of security desired. (1, 2 or 3).

  • Level 1 produces a short signature.
  • Level 2 produces a medium signature (default by most wallets).
  • Level 3 produces a long signature.

Number of addresses :

Enter the number of addresses you wish to generate based upon the seed and security level.

Step 2: iota-offline-bundle-signer.html


Seed :

Enter your 81 tryte seed.

From address :

Enter the 90 trytes of your sender address.

From address index :

This fields is used to double check that there is no discrepancies from which address the user want to transfer funds. Enter the key index of the senders address in this field.

From address balance :

Enter the full balance available on the sender address. (the amount must be positive integer)

To address :

Enter the 90 trytes of the recipent address.

Security level :

The level of security desired (1, 2 or 3).

  • Level 1 produces a short signature.
  • Level 2 produces a medium signature (default by most wallets).
  • Level 3 produces a long signature.

Transfer amount :

Enter the amount to transfer to the recipent. (the amount must be positive integer)

Remainder address :

Enter the 90 trytes of the remainder address. (This field is only neccessary if the "From address balance" and "Transfer amount" fields are different)

Message :

Optional field for a message (Only ASCII characters allowed).

Signed bundle :

Once you sign the bundle, its trytes will show up in this field. These trytes will be used in step 3 which requires an online device.

Step 3: iota-online-bundle-broadcaster.html


Node url :

Enter the node url.

Node port :

Enter the node port.

Signed bundle trytes :

Enter the signed transaction bundle trytes. (See step 2 for how to generate signed transaction bundle trytes)

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