PyGTK App for monitoring log files realtime. It uses inotify to detect file modifications and when an appended line has a string you are interested in, it will alert you via your notification daemon and with an icon in the tray.
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To launch do "python" from the console. By default it will try to
open /var/log/syslog at startup, you can change settings editing "config.cfg".

You need the following packages for it to run:
python-pyinotify     #sudo apt-get install python-pyinotify
pygtk                #sudo apt-get install python-gtk2
python-notify        #sudo apt-get install python-notify 

Say you want to know realtime if someone tries to connect to your ssh server
on port 22.
Add this rule to iptables to log incoming connections to port 22 TCP (ssh) :
# iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 22 -j LOG --log-prefix "Alert_Port_22"
Now edit config.cfg and in the "filterstings" lines put this:
# filterstrings = "Alert_Port_22", "other_sting1", "other_string2"
And set it to monitor your syslog, BE SURE YOU HAVE READ ACCESS TO SYSLOG.
# logfilepath = /var/log/syslog
You will be notified as soon as someone tries to connect to port 22 via the
notification daemon and also the icon in tray will change when a line is
detected just in case you were not in the pc when it happened.

KNOWN BUG: after running an error will be printed in the console saying:
    ...."There is a disparity between the
    internal view of the GtkTreeView, and the GtkTreeModel.  This generally
    means that the model has changed without letting the view know.
    Any display from now on is likely to be incorrect."...

If you know how to fix this contact me please.