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A Simple Telebot for E5 Renewal

English | 简体中文 | 交流群组



  • Automatically Renew E5 Subscription(Customizable Frequency)
  • Manageable Simple Account System
  • Available Task Execution Feedback
  • Convenient Authorization
  • Use concurrency to speed up


E5 subscription is a subscription for developers, as long as the related API is called, it may be renewed

Calling Outlook ReadMail API to renew, does not guarantee the renewal effect.


  1. Type /bind in the robot dialog
  2. Click the link sent by the robot and register the Microsoft application, log in with the E5 master account or the same domain account, and obtain client_secret. Click to go back to Quick Start, get client_id
  3. Copy client_secret and client_id and reply to bot in the format of client_id(space)client_secret (Pay attention to spaces)
  4. Click on the authorization link sent by the robot and log in with the E5 master account or the same domain account
  5. After authorization, it will jump to http://localhost/e5sub…… (will prompt webpage error, just copy the link)
  6. Copy the link, and reply link(space)alias (used to manage accounts) in the robot dialog For example: http://localhost/e5sub/?code=abcd MyE5, wait for the robot to bind and then complete

Deploy Your Own Bot

Bot creation tutorial : Microsoft

Binary Deployment

Binary files with 'sqlite' are lighter than 'docker'

mysql to sqlite please use search engine

Download the binary files of the corresponding system on the Releases page and upload it to the server

Windows: Start E5SubBot.exe


screen -S e5sub
chmod +x E5SubBot
(Ctrl A+D)

Docker Deployment

Thanks to @kzw200015 for providing help in Dockerfile and Docker

If it fails to start for the first time, use docker-compose restart to restart

mkdir ./e5bot && wget --no-check-certificate -O ./e5bot/config.yml
vi ./e5bot/config.yml
wget --no-check-certificate
docker-compose up -d


Download the source code and install the GO environment

git clone && cd E5SubBot && go build


Create config.yml in the same directory, encoded as UTF-8

Configuration Template:

bot_token: YOUR_BOT_TOKEN
# socks5:
bindmax: 999
goroutine: 20
admin: 111,222,333
errlimit: 999
notice: |-
cron: "1 */1 * * *"
db: sqlite
table: users
# mysql:
#    host:
#    port: 3306
#    user: root
#    password: pwd
#    database: e5sub
   db: data.db

bindmax, notice, admin,goroutine, errlimit can be hot updated, just update config.yml to save.

Configuration Explanation Default
bot_token Change to your own BotToken -
socks5 Socks5 proxy,if you do not need ,you should delete it. For example: -
notice Announcement. Merged into /help -
admin The administrator's tgid, go to to get it, separated by ,; Administrator permissions: manually call the task, get the total feedback of the task -
goroutine Concurrent number, don’t be too big 10
errlimit The maximum number of errors for a single account, automatically unbind the single account and send a notification when it is full, without limiting the number of errors, change the value to a negative number (-1); all errors will be cleared after the bot restarts 5
cron API call frequency, using cron expression -
bindmax Maximum number of bindable 5
db mysql or sqlite , Indicates the database type used and sets the corresponding configuration -
table Table name (set table to users when upgrading the old version; otherwise, the data table cannot be read) -
mysql To configure mysql, create a database in advance -
sqlite sqlite configuration -


/my View bound account information
/bind Bind new account
/unbind Unbind account
/export Export account information (JSON format)
/help help
/task Manually execute a task (Bot Administrator)
/log Get the most recent log file (Bot Administrator)


Feedback time is not as expected

Change the server time zone, use /task to manually perform a task to refresh time.

ERROR:Can't create more than max_prepared_stmt_count statements (current value: 16382).

Failure to close db leads to triggering mysql concurrency limit, please update to v0.1.9.

Long running crash

Suspected memory leak. Not yet resolved, please run the daemon or restart Bot regularly.

Unable to create application via bot


  • Provide documentation in other languages
  • Provide help for code operation
  • Suggests user interaction
  • ……

More Functions

If you still want to support new features, please initiate an issue.