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Sampa group website

This site uses Jekyll and bibble to generate a static Sampa website complete with publications, personnel, and news.


Most pages are just Markdown files that you can edit directly. People are listed in _data/people.yml and the news is generated from _data/news.yml.

Try editing directly in GitHub! It's like magic.

News Items and Blog Posts

For both long-form blog posts and short news updates, we use Jekyll's blogging system. To post a new item of either type, you create a file in the _posts directory using the naming convention YYYY-MM-DD-title-for-url.md. The date part of the filename always matters; the title part is currently only used for full blog posts (but is still required for news updates).

The file must begin with YAML front matter. For news updates, use this:

layout: post
shortnews: true

For full blog posts, use this format:

layout: post
title:  "Some Great Title Here"

And concoct a page title for your post. The body of the post goes after the --- in either case.

Building and Deploying

The requirements for building the site are:

  • Jekyll: run gem install jekyll
  • Pybtex: run pip install pybtex
  • bibble: included as a submodule. Because git is cruel, you need to use git clone --recursive URL or issue the commands git submodule init ; git submodule update to check out the dependency.
  • ssh and rsync, only if you want to deploy directly.

make compiles the bibliography and the website content to the _site directory. To preview the site, run `jekyll serve`` and head to

To upload a new version of the site via rsync over ssh, type make deploy. A web hook does this automatically when you push to GitHub.

If you use an alternative Python when building the bibliography, use make PYTHON=/path/to/python.