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Thesis Project for the senior year of the Degree in Multimedia Engineering (2019). Exploratu is a fully native app for Android written in Kotlin using ML Kit, Material Design, Google Jetpack among other libraries. It got the maximum score (10/10) and the mention of Honors by a tribunal composed of multiple professors of the Polytechnic School of the University of Alicante.

Additionally, it also got the 3rd award in the "Premios TFG/TFM de la Cátedra de Estudios Turísticos「Pedro Zaragoza Orts」de la Universidad de Alicante", being chosen as one of the most interesting and promising thesis of the year 2018/2019 in the area of tourism.


Just point at the prices and watch the exchange besides the original currency 📸💲. It uses your camera and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract the original price, it converts into your desired foreign money and shows the resulting price using AR (Augmented Reality) next to the original amount.

Exploratu provides rates for 147 currencies, updated daily, for updated and accurate exchange rates. Nevertheless, it still allows going offline and being able to use it on those well-deserved vacations! ✈☀🏖😎✌

The different currency and foreign exchanges can be easily searched using their name, the country where they are used, symbol and others. It even includes an automatic detector for making this step even easier!


Exploratu has been the end-of-degree thesis project for my Multimedia Engineering Degree. As such, I wrote a paper following all the process behind it: from where the idea came to the whole development process, methodologies followed etc. You can find it in the University of Alicante's repository (in Spanish):

Besides, feel free to go over the slides used in while deffending the paper against the tribunal.

Trying Exploratu

Video of users trying the app


Architecture Scheme