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technomancy's kit via eschulte + add-ons for social sciences: LaTeX/ESS/R related. Requires you have git installed in order to pull down some submodules. See the project homepage and README for more.
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elpa-to-submit paredit in ELPA now
elpa Rearranged ELPA code/docs.
eshell adding better default customization for eshell
snippets/text-mode submodule updates
src make minimal modeline compatible with solarized
.gitignore ignores
.gitmodules add some support for ebib
dominating-file.el Doh, was missing a provide.
frame-restore.el Adding all the .el files
init.el check for window-system before applying font selection change mac-key-mode source block to prevent tangling
package.el merging from eschulte-master turn on starter-kit-aspell handy function for selecting text in parentheses. put specific cleanup modes in defun file note location of ess package archive merging from eschulte-master Haskell code now has pretty lambdas in it's anonymous functions switch back to default eschulte changed references to auctex and preview latex files, to reflect chan… remove color theme settings don't show the menubar in tty fix misdeclared variable breaking out into multiple files merging from eschulte-master adding a starter-kit-registers register breaking out into multiple files formatting cleanup now tracking the latest version of yasnippets also added org-mode sni… cleanup with a view to better doc
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