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Conway's game of life in C and SDL2.
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Executable download:

Console arguments: (use '.' to use default value)

  1. Screen width
  2. Screen height
  3. Screen update delay (ms)
  4. Spawn probability (0-100) [at first frame of the game]
  5. Cell pixel side length (>0)
  • Sample: conway.exe 1000 500 10 70 1 (100x500 window, 10ms delay, 70% chance of spawning at first frame, with cells of 1 pixel of side size)
  • Sample: conway.exe . . . 50 4 (default window size, default delay, 50% chance of spawning at first frame, with cells of 4 pixels of side size)


  • ESCAPE, Q: Quit
  • P: Pause / Resume
  • Up arrow: Speed up
  • Down arrow: Slow down
  • Mouse left click and drop: Add live cells
  • Mouse right click and drop: Kill cells
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