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Audioserve Client for Android

Build Status

audioserve client for Android written in Kotlin. Using Exoplayer and MediaController - MediaSession architecture.

BETA 1 Generally works, majority of functionality is there, but still there might be some issues

Available features

  • Browses collections and folders
  • Plays files in folder one after another
  • Progressive playback - starts as soon as possible
  • Caches ahead next n files (1 - 5 as per preferences)
  • Aggressively caches server responses (use reload to force latest data)
  • Downloads part of or whole folder to cache (swipe playable item to right to see download button)
  • Offline mode - plays only from cache
  • Remembers up to 100 recently listened positions
  • Search (for folder names)
  • Folder details - with picture and text (if present in the folder) and summary
  • Notifications
  • Supports Android lifecycle - rotations, back, stop activity etc...
  • Supports Android audio focus (pauses when call comes in etc.)

KISS Design Principles

Same as in rest of audioserve I tried to stick to KISS principles -
Keep It Simple Stupid. For android application it was bit challenging because platform is intrinsically complicated, so it took significantly more effort to keep its simple and stupid. KISS principles influenced features of the application, mainly:

a) You are either listening or browsing - if listening you stay in the audiobook folder, if you leave it playback stops - you can then always start when you left from recently listened list. This also helps while changing settings (otherwise synchronization with playing item will be too complex)

b) Interface is simple and focused on phone device - just list of tracks/folders and play control plus few menus. I do not plan to make it more complicated, neither to add layouts for tablets. And large title fonts are intentional - as I need glasses for reading I appreciate large fonts when working with the app without glasses.

c) It's intended to play cached files - primary function is to achieve continuous playback of the audiobook when connectivity is lost for short time periods (like when traveling in the underground etc.). You can play offline from cache whole audiobook, but it's still the cache - it's intended to contain maximally couple of recently used audiobooks, but not all your collection. So main mode of operation is online with occasionally going offline. As caching is mandatory, it has small side effect on the seeking within current file - it's available only after the file is fully cached - this can be theoretically improved in the future, but it's not priority now.

How to install

I provide built .apk file signed with dummy certificate on github releases page.

You can download to Android device and install it there (provided you have allowed Unknown Sources in Security settings).

Supported platforms are from 5.0 Lollipop on ( but I'm testing mostly on 7.0 Nougat).

You can also build yourself with Android Studio - just checkout the project from github and open in Android Studio.