Platform for managing and sharing ebooks
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Web platform for managing ebooks.


  • multi user
  • latest technologies
    • Aurelia Javascript framework for SPA front-end client.
    • Flask for restful API server
    • PostgreSQL for data
    • WebSocket communication
    • Asyncio based backend for long running tasks (conversions etc.)
  • Each book can have many files - even of same type
  • Full text search
  • Cover images
  • Ebook files conversion
  • Easy upload (extracts metadata from the file)
  • Can organize books in shelves
  • Books rating
  • Alternative very simple web front end, which works well on ebook devices (black&white, no Javascript)
  • Command line client
  • and more

For more information see project homepage

Project is now in beta stage (I'm using it for my ebooks collection for several month), I think it's reasonably stable for people to try it.

Can be easily deployed using Docker - look at in deploy directory.

Missing parts

Online user mamagement - registration, password change/reset, rights assigment - as it is not priority for myself now, it's not yet implemented. Users can be now managed by command line utility

User preferences/profile - prefered formats for conversion, conversion parameters, external info sources, etc.
There is possibility to store per user preferences as JSON, but the implementation of preferences is yet to be done.

Documentation - unfortunatelly it's usually my weak part.

Internationalization, Localization, Translation - I really do not like this type of work.
App is not ready, I guess it would not be too dificult to make it I18N, but it's not a priority.