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Due to essential changes between djangorest framework versions this version works only with djangorest framework 2 and Django < 1.9.

This project aims to made easier to develop django application with REST API and rich clients, that are using this API via backbone.js.
In Django it uses djangorestframework to quickly define RESTful API.

Due to essential changes between djangorest framework this version works only with djangorest framework 2 and Django < 1.9.

Key features:

  • Generates models and collection definitions in JS from resources and models definitions in Django.
  • Backbone Models should contain (as per models/resources definitions in Django):
  • default values
  • validations
  • support to load values from HTML form
  • Collections:
  • support paging and searches and ordering
  • special 'index' collections - just ID and representation of object - can be used in dynamic selects, autocompletes etc.
  • Can generate forms templates (based on models and resources definitions) for use in pages (also read only forms)
  • Forms can:
  • update validation result to form
  • save modified form to server (via rest API - using Backbone models and collections).
  • A sample application - showing how it should be used.

Quick Start

Get code from GitHub


Get dependencies - django, djangorestframwork

pip -r requirements.txt

Load sample data

rm sqlite.db
./ migrate
./ loaddata sample_data.json

Run server

./ runserver

In browser open http://localhost:8000/

In browser (Firefox/Chrome) open developer tools - to see API requests to server - on load/change of models

Look into sample_app directory to see how to use.

More Info

More info will be on project page on my web


1.0 - first release

1.0.1 - minor fixes, added support for Textarea widget in templates

1.1 - revamped dynamic widgets to more flexible and extensible model, save - use PATCH when possible

1.2 - more refactoring of dynamic widgets, DynamicEditor (edit related object in place), small fixes

1.2.1 - setup script

1.2.2 - small fixes in forms-api

1.2.3 - added possibility to defer save in FormView, DynamicEditor widget

1.2.4 - some changes to JS - better handling of errors when server is not responding

1.2.5 - fixed to work with django 1.5+ and newer django-rest-framework


BSD license (same as Django)