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TheTool is a small tool enabling one to quickly do some tasks (tasks that relate to everyday usage) in Linux desktop. This tool is rebuild of older toshtool utility, which I used for years, now completely rewritten with GTK3 framework and python (using GObject Introspection in python). The tool sits in the tray and actions are just a click away.

Recently it enables these tasks:

* Immediately turn off display
* Schedule computer suspend (shut down or hibernate) in given interval in very quick way.  Also 
possibility to cancel planned suspend by just one click.
* Power off when a  player (with DBus MPRIS MediaPlayer2 Interface enabled)  finishes playing
* Automatic detection of network (based on name and subnet for wired connection) and 
then running some actions 
* Flexible system of actions - new actions can be easily written as plugins
* Currently actions include setting and resetting proxy
* Any action can be set for quick access via tray icon menu

Since I’m using my computer to listen music , audio books at evening I want to set some time-out, so computer suspends after I fall asleep. I missed some easy tool to enable this in few clicks, so I built this one. Another problem was connecting with notebook to different networks, some require proxy some not - automatic proxy configuration do not work well (a bit for browser, but not for other programs - shell, pidgin ...) so this was another function that I added to the tool.

I plan also to add more features:

* More actions - change any setting via GSettings, call any DBUS method, launch programs, 
disable/enabe ports
* One click disabling of screensaver ( not all video player have support for disabling 
* Any other idea for quick task that needs to be accessible very quickly

Will see what plans I can realize.

TheTool is licensed under GPL v3 - http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html

To install on your system run: sudo ./setup.py install and run the-tool command

If you want to observe it first or develop, you can run from source - but you must first compile GSettings schema in thetool directory: glib-compile-schemas --strict thetool


TheTool web http://zderadicka.eu/projects/python/thetool-quick-actions-for-desktop/

Version History:

0.1 - Initial version 0.2 - With network changed detetection, proxies switching and flexible action system 0.3 - Added support for D-BUS MediaPlayer2 interface - now can set power-off when player stops playing 0.3.2 - small fixes - added command action type - new icons 0.3.3 - small fixes - added support for indicator - so it now work with Unity