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unistego is python library which helps to hide secret message in text using special unicode characters.


Library is written in python 3 , but it's backward compatible with python 2.7 (using six library).

For python 2 it's important to use io package to get streams that alraeady supports unicode reading/writing.

Unistego provides stream like objects, that can be used to hide and unhide data into unicode text.

quick sample to hide message:

#python 3 example
import unistego
secret_message="Nobody will see me"
carrier_text=open('innocent-text.txt', 'rt')
hider=unistego.get_hider(open('text-with-hidden-msg.txt', 'wt'), secret_message, 'joiners')
with carrier_text, hider:

to read hidden message:

import unistego
unhider=unistego.get_uhider(open('text-with-hidden-msg.txt', 'rt'), 'joiners')
with unhider:

Unistego also supports html (where html is parsed and message in hidden in text not in markup) - usage is same as above, just use unistego.get_hider_html and unistego.get_unhider_html.

Package also contains a command line tool unistego-tool:

unistego-tool --hide -o text-with-hidden-msg.txt -m "Nobody will see me" --preset joiners innocent-text.txt
unistego-tool --unhide --preset joiners text-with-hidden-msg.txt

More information on unistego page on my web.


pip install [-e] git+


GPL v3


0.1.0 - Initial version - supports two strategies (joiners, spaces) with optional zlib compression, html support and commnand line tool unistego-tool.