Simple remote resources monitoring (CPU, Memory, IO) - web interfaces with live graphs
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Simple python script to remotely monitor key system resources (CPU. memory, Net and Disk IO). Stats are presented in form of live graphs.


  • presents CPU utilization (summarized for all CPUs), Memory usage (physical and swap) and Net and Disk I/O (kB/s)
  • Web based interface with live graphs
  • can pause updates
  • can change update interval
  • multiple web clients (up to a limit) with possibility for different update intervals in each
  • efficient communication (via websocket), lightweighted server (python gevent), efficient data collection


  • depends on following python libraries - that must be installed (recent versions) before starting this script: gevent, gevent-socketio, paste, psutil

  • then just run and connect with browser to given port - http://your_address:8000

Licensed under GPL v3.

Version History: 0.1 - Initial Version