Simple backup tool for Xen Api - backups VMs images
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Simple backup tool for Xenserver/XCP. Works with XenApi enabled hosts - XenServer, XCP


  1. Provided as is, don't blame for problems. I tried to make it working reliably, but if you loose backup sorry. I use it myself for backup of VMs, but cannot capture all scenarios.
  2. v0.4.0 is NOT compatible with previous versions storage - it enables backup VMs with same name - this means that directory name is now - vm_name#vm_uuid - some previous backups will not be visible to the tool (directories should be manually merged or renamed)


Usage is pretty straightforward:

  • command name is xb - xb -h gives overall help, xb command -h gives help for given command
  • update config file (~/.xapi-back.cfg or /etc/xapi-back.cfg) with details about hosts connections (sorry but passwords are in cleartext for now - so for security reason it's better have config file in your home directory with 0600 access) and root of your backup directory
  • xb hosts - test that you connect to hosts and
  • xb list - see all VMs available on your host(s)
  • go to xapi-back homepage for more details


Licensed under GPL v3


#as root
pip install git+


v.0.1 - Initial version
v.0.2 - Added possibility to set compression level (basically default compression level in python
				is 9 - highest compression, which is very slow -  it's ~ 6x slower that level 1 for  gain of 
				just few % space - it does not make sense to use it)
v.0.3 - Added ssl option to not check server certificates
v.0.3.1 - HTTP Redirect for VM export - this should enable to backup VMs from pool
v.0.3.2 - fixed restore to particular SR uuid
v.0.3.3 - backup in pool (HTTP redirect of export), fixed restore to particular SR
v.0.3.4 - option to restore snapshot as VM
v.0.3.5 - config file could be in home directory ( default)  
v.0.3.8 - possibility to send log via email 
v.0.4.1 - VMs can have same name
				- backup repository is not compatible with previous versions !
				- rename after restore
v.0.4.2 - enable and disable have --uuid argument to identify uniquely VM
				- small refactoring
v.0.4.3 - insecure option for backup/restore - uses http - theoretically can be bit faster - practically no speedup was observed
V.0.4.4 - local logging of email send - debug success, log failures