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Izetex Encourages Everyone to Collect Cryptocurrency Just by Walking

Cryptocurrency is becoming a trend now, and its adoption by businesses and society is growing exponentially. Highly probable, that the first cryptocurrency everyone in the world will own, will be the IZX token. Why? Because IZX token is the only cryptocurrency, lying literally under your feet, and everyone can pick it up from the ground using a smartphone.

Izetex company, the inventor of IZX token concept, developed a mobile application using the technology of augmented reality. This is the game, where you are looking for IZX tokens in the surrounding world and hunting for them with the target. When captured, the token appears in your smartphone, naturally converting it to a personal crypto wallet.

Advertisers use Izetex product as an efficient loyalty program platform. It allows them to capture targeted audience and convert them from virtual interest to brick-and-morter stores, services and marketplaces. Advertiser can easily create a branded appearance of the token, place it in specific geo locations and target on audience interests, geographic location and preferences. Player, collected the token during the game, can exchange it to a kind of reward, defined by advertiser, for example, discount or prize. Player from the targeted audience appears to be a new client for the advertiser, coming from the virtual world to a real one.

Audience targeting is based on collected data about the player behavior, preferences and interests. Izetex uses the technologies of data analysis and machine learning to segment audience by multiple criteria.

Izetex generates revenue from the “freemium” business model, where advertisers may run a limited campaign for free, while to scale they should buy tokens. The affiliate program encourages token holders to give tokens to the new coming advertiser, getting a reward in case they will convert to the paying one.

For 2.5 billion smartphone owners in the World, the IZX token will be perceived as an everyday reality, always within a walking distance, always useful, to the place and on time. Depending on the time of day, location and even your mood, it appears in the form of offers of useful goods and services.

IZX token is based on the blockchain technology, which provides global reliability and trust for the protocol and token transactions. Izetex provides an open platform for the game developers, who will benefit from creating new games. Reward for the developed game comes from advertisers, which include this game in the portfolio of their loyalty program.

The first presentation of the product was at Blockchain conference in Innopolis, Russia at 29 august, 2017. The participants of the conference were involved in the game in the space of conference hall, Innopolis streets and even villages nearby, with the real prizes, rewards. That was a real fun and profit for several hundreds of the first players of IZX game.

Izetex PTE.Ltd. is registered in Singapore. It specializes in developing solutions for loyalty programs, based on the specialized cryptocurrency, IZX token. Izetex develops the software using Blockchain technologies, data analysis, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality. Izetex team formed from the specialists in blockchain, smart contracts, direct marketing and algorithmic advertisement technologies.


[1] Izetex PTE.Ltd. web site: https://izx.io

[2] IZX application web site: http://izetex.io

[3] Google Play IZX application: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.izetex.one

[4] Apple AppStore IZX application: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/izx/id1273219641?l=ru&ls=1&mt=8