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Droid Scripts


Executable scripts for helping with Android related work.

Most of them are either wrappers of existing third-party tool's released jars or Android SDK tools' executables e.g. adb (inside path/to/sdk/platform-tools), aapt (inside path/to/sdk/build-tools/<version>).

NOTE: Install build tools path/to/sdk/tools/bin/sdkmanager 'build-tools;29.0.3'

Launch app on connected device

Depends on python3 and msbase package.

./ launch path/to/apk

NOTE: this python script also supports printing the application label and package of an apk:

./ label path/to/apk
./ package path/to/apk

Make an APK debuggable

  • python <input-apk-path> <output-apk-path>

Decompile APK to Smali code

baksmali d path/to/apk -o path/to/output/dir

Version: 2.4.0, from (also include smali)

Decompile APK to Smali and other resources

apktool d path/to/apk -o path/to/output/dir

Version: 2.4.1, from

Dump classes list and basic stats of top-level namespace

pkg-classes path/to/apk path/to/txt

Check the view hierarchy of APK dynamically

  1. Make a debuggable copy of it using debug-sign.apk
  2. (Option 1) Use Android Studio to debug/profile it
  • Tools -> Layout Inspector
    • Choose the corresponding Activity
  1. (Option 2) Use scripts:
  • adb-uidump path/to/output/xml
  • adb-uidump-compressed path/to/output/xml

Dump metadata about APK

  • aapt dump badging path/to/apk
    • application-label:: show package label
    • package: name: show package name
  • aapt dump permissions path/to/apk: show permission

Copy back APK installed on phone

adb shell pm list packages # find the package name from the output
adb shell pm path <package-name> # outputs <target-apk-path>
adb pull <target-apk-path> <apk-output>

Install APK to phone via CLI

adb install path/to/apk

Retargeting Dex to Java Classes

NOTE: Build the Docker image with make first

Make sure your APK file (not symbolic link) is under apks in this directory.

./ apks/example.apk <sha256sum>

Then you can find (Java classes) outputs in output/dare/

Inter-Component Communication (ICC) analysis

NOTE: this depends on "Dare" introduced above. Also, you should set env var ANDROID_SDK to the Android SDK directory, such that the tool can find $ANDROID_SDK/platforms/android-23/android.jar.

path/to/ path/to/example.apk <sha256sum> <apk-package-name> path/to/dare/classes path/to/output.txt

Then you can find (text-format Protobuf) output at path/to/output.txt

Getting name of current activity

adb shell dumpsys activity

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Executable scripts for helping with Android related work







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