The source code, text and other stuff related to my tutorial on stack overflow
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StackOverflow Tutorial

This repo contains the related materials as well as the markdown source of the tutorial text.

The tutorial website:

All materials are licensed under CC-BY SA 3.0

The materials include

  1. *.c -- Sample C Code
  2. string, *_string.txt -- The hexadecimal format of input string
  3. -- The python script for composing the input string for the final level
  4. *.md -- The text for the published tutorial

The folders level1, level2, level3 and final contain related code and other materials for different level of challenge; The folder tutorials contains markdown files; The fold tools contains useful tools, hex2raw and

NOTE: The hex2raw binary is from CMU's CSAPP website. Thanks for them :) In fact, you can code up the same functionality easily.

Some Notes

The author is using 64-bit system, so some details may differ from you knowledge greatly. And all materials and code level records are JUST FOR REFERENCE to prove the validity of this tutorials, so in your actual hands-on experience, the details might differ greatly. I HIGHLY suggested that you explore this world yourself :)