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Authors ordered by first contribution.
SungMin Ha (ishtar aka iziz,
Hyuk Hur (
Cliff Rowley (
- Missing return value in formatInOriginalFormat:regionCallingFrom:error
- Compatibility with iOS versions prior to 6.x
Aaron Wojnowski (
- Remove extra r from the countryCodeFromRegionCode method name.
- Handle char @ when normalize any strings, eg email
Yosi Taguri (
- Failed tests are down to 18 for [ AsYouTypeFormatter ]
Nils Hayat (
- Help to update cocoapods
- Added -[NBPhoneNumberUtil parseWithPhoneCarrierRegion:error:] to parse a number using the phone's carrier country code
Frane Bandov frane (,
- Refactor to reduce memory consumption
(Export NSArray category into separate files,
Optimize constants,
Cache regex patterns to reduce memory and CPU consumption,
Make countyCodeByCarrier method publically available,
Add libPhoneNumber.{h,m} to podspec)
Cliff Ingham (,
- Added explicit type casts to avoid warnings when building for 64 bit iOS...
- Allow NBPhoneNumberUtil to be created using a specified bundle.
Google Inc.
- Add some digits mapping.