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Personal emacs configuration file
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dotemacs README

This is my personal emacs configuration. It is quite personalized, so would probably require modification to use, but bits and pieces may be useful. I also use it as a tool for learning and playing around, so no promises are given on its state at any point.

It began as an emacs-lisp file called .emacs (hence the repository name). It is now a rich org-mode file,, that is processed by emacs org-mode overwriting the default emacs configuration file at ~/.emacs.d/init.el. Again, when it does this, it overwrites the existing init.el so be sure to back that up before running this.

GitHub parses org-mode files such as and this file, so that’s probably the best way to view it.

If you do want to process it (and overwrite the current ~/.emacs.d/init.el), open the file in emacs, move the cursor to the first emacs-lisp source code block at the top of the file (under the heading), and press C-c C-c or use M-x org-babel-src-execute. This will extract all the other source code blocks into init.el and then load it, downloading and compiling any needed packages.

You may have to first install use-package.

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