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forked from watusi/jquery-mobile-iscrollview

JQuery Mobile widget plug-in for easy use of the iScroll javascript scroller.

Updated Nov 9, 2013

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forked from ququplay/jquery-mobile-square-ui-theme

jQuery Mobile Square UI Theme

Updated Jun 13, 2013

Objective-C 0 327


forked from terryso/newsyc

An iPhone Hacker News client.

Updated Mar 1, 2013

Objective-C 0 128


forked from soffes/sspulltorefresh

Simple and highly customizable pull to refresh view

Updated Jan 21, 2013

Objective-C 0 54


forked from socialize/socialize-sdk-ios

Socialize SDK for iOS devices

Updated Jan 17, 2013

Objective-C 0 805


forked from ChatSecure/ChatSecure-iOS

ChatSecure is a simple multiprotocol IM client for iOS that supports encrypted "Off-the-Record" messaging using Cypherpunks' libotr

Updated Jan 17, 2013

Objective-C 0 1,141


forked from samvermette/SVPullToRefresh

Give pull-to-refresh & infinite scrolling to any UIScrollView with 1 line of code.

Updated Jan 16, 2013

Objective-C 0 258


forked from moredip/Frank

Automated acceptance tests for native iOS apps

Updated Jan 16, 2013

Objective-C 0 547


forked from HeshamMegid/HMSegmentedControl

A drop-in replacement for UISegmentedControl mimicking the style of the segmented control used in Google Currents.

Updated Jan 15, 2013

Objective-C 0 101


forked from viezel/TiSocial.Framework

iOS6 Social.Framework. Appcelerator apps is able to share content to Facebook and Twitter.

Updated Jan 12, 2013

Objective-C 0 717


forked from escoz/QuickDialog

QuickDialog - Quick and easy dialog screens for iOS

Updated Jan 11, 2013

Objective-C 0 4,445


forked from rs/SDWebImage

Asynchronous image downloader with cache support with an UIImageView category

Updated Jan 11, 2013

Objective-C 0 976


forked from ViewDeck/ViewDeck

An implementation of the sliding functionality found in the Path 2.0 or Facebook iOS apps.

Updated Jan 10, 2013

Objective-C 0 16


forked from emenegro/pull-to-refresh

Solution to add pull-to-refresh feature at the top of an UITableView.

Updated Jan 9, 2013

Objective-C 0 325


forked from TonnyTao/DoubanAlbum

Slowslab iOS应用 豆瓣相册 精选集 开源项目,仅供学习参考

Updated Jan 9, 2013

Objective-C 0 93


forked from ittybittydude/IBAForms

A simple iPhone forms library

Updated Jan 9, 2013

Objective-C 0 1,379


forked from jverkoey/nimbus

The iOS framework that grows only as fast as its documentation

Updated Jan 8, 2013


forked from CocoaPods/CocoaPods

An Objective-C library dependency manager.

Updated Jan 7, 2013

Objective-C 0 623


forked from soffes/sstoolkit

A collection of well-documented iOS classes for making life easier

Updated Jan 4, 2013

Objective-C 0 120


forked from iimgal/StudyiOS

Updated Dec 27, 2012

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