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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<!-- The English langpack -->
<izpack:langpack version="5.0"
<!-- Heading messages START -->
<str id="CheckedHelloPanel.headline" txt="Welcome"/>
<str id="CompilePanel.headline" txt="Compile Java Sources"/>
<str id="ConditionalUserInputPanel.headline" txt="User Data"/>
<str id="ExtendedInstallPanel.headline" txt="Installation and Configuration"/>
<str id="FinishPanel.headline" txt="Installation Finished"/>
<str id="HelloPanel.headline" txt="Welcome"/>
<str id="HTMLInfoPanel.headline" txt="Information"/>
<str id="HTMLLicencePanel.headline" txt="Licensing Agreements"/>
<str id="PDFLicencePanel.headline" txt="Licensing Agreements"/>
<str id="ImgPacksPanel.headline" txt="Select Installation Packages"/>
<str id="InfoPanel.headline" txt="Information"/>
<str id="InstallPanel.headline" txt="Installation"/>
<str id="JDKPathPanel.headline" txt="JDK Path"/>
<str id="LicencePanel.headline" txt="Licensing Agreements"/>
<str id="PacksPanel.headline" txt="Select Installation Packages"/>
<str id="ProcessPanel.headline" txt="Perform External Processes"/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.headline" txt="Setup Shortcuts"/>
<str id="SimpleFinishPanel.headline" txt="Installation Finished"/>
<str id="SummaryPanel.headline" txt="Summary Configuration Data"/>
<str id="TargetPanel.headline" txt="Target Path"/>
<str id="TreePacksPanel.headline" txt="Select Installation Packages"/>
<str id="UserInputPanel.headline" txt="User Data"/>
<str id="UserPathPanel.headline" txt="Select Path"/>
<str id="InstallationTypePanel.headline" txt="Installation Type"/>
<!-- TreePacksPanel Strings -->
<str id="TreePacksPanel.confirm"
txt="Press 0 to confirm your selections."/>
<str id="TreePacksPanel.prompt"
txt="Please select which packs you want to install."/>
<str id=""
txt="You have not selected any packs!\nAre you sure you want to continue?"/>
<str id=""
txt="Total space required:"/>
<str id="TreePacksPanel.invalid"
txt="Invalid pack selected"/>
<str id="TreePacksPanel.dependent"
<str id="TreePacksPanel.children"
<str id=""
txt="Please enter a number from the selection above."/>
<str id="TreePacksPanel.required"
<str id="TreePacksPanel.unselectable"
<str id="TreePacksPanel.done"
<!-- General installer strings -->
<str id="installer.title" txt="IzPack - Installation of "/>
<str id="" txt="Next"/>
<str id="installer.prev" txt="Previous"/>
<str id="installer.quit" txt="Quit"/>
<str id="installer.madewith" txt="(Made with IzPack -"/>
<str id="installer.reboot.ask.title" txt="Reboot required"/>
<str id="installer.reboot.ask.message"
txt="Reboot required to apply some changes. Do want to reboot now?"/>
<str id="installer.reboot.notice.title" txt="Reboot recommended"/>
<str id="installer.reboot.notice.message" txt="It is recommended to reboot to apply some changes."/>
<str id="installer.quit.title" txt="Are you sure you want to quit?"/>
<str id="installer.quit.message" txt="This will cancel the installation!"/>
<str id="installer.warning" txt="Warning!"/>
<str id="installer.yes" txt="Yes"/>
<str id="" txt="No"/>
<str id="installer.cancel" txt="Cancel"/>
<str id="installer.error" txt="Error"/>
<str id="" txt="Help"/>
<str id="" txt="Close"/>
<str id="installer.step" txt="Step"/>
<str id="installer.of" txt="of"/>
<str id="installer.Message" txt="Message"/>
<str id="installer.uninstall.writefailed" txt="Failed to write uninstallation information."/>
<str id="installer.errorMessage" txt="An error occured"/>
<str id="installer.close" txt="Close"/>
<str id="installer.showDetails" txt="Show Details"/>
<str id="installer.hideDetails" txt="Hide Details"/>
<str id="installer.copy" txt="Copy"/>
<str id="installer.sendReport" txt="Send Report"/>
<str id="installer.continueQuestion" txt="Continue anyway?"/>
<str id="installer.cancelled" txt="Installation cancelled"/>
<!-- Uninstaller specific strings -->
<str id="uninstaller.warning" txt="This will remove the installed application!"/>
<str id="uninstaller.destroytarget" txt=" Force the deletion of "/>
<str id="uninstaller.uninstall" txt="Uninstall"/>
<!-- The strings for the 'official' IzPack plugins -->
<!-- HelloPanel strings -->
<str id="HelloPanel.welcome1" txt="Welcome to the installation of "/>
<str id="HelloPanel.welcome2" txt="!"/>
<str id="HelloPanel.authors" txt="This software is developed by: "/>
<str id="HelloPanel.url" txt="The homepage is at: "/>
<!-- LicensePanel strings -->
<str id="" txt="Please read the following license agreement carefully:"/>
<str id="LicencePanel.agree" txt="I accept the terms of this license agreement."/>
<str id="LicencePanel.notagree" txt="I do not accept the terms of this license agreement."/>
<str id="LicencePanel.yes" txt="Yes"/>
<str id="" txt="No"/>
<!-- PrinterSelect Panel -->
<str id="PrinterSelectPanel.select_printer" txt="Select the printer to use for initial setup and testing."/>
<!-- InfoPanel strings -->
<str id="" txt="Please read the following information: "/>
<!-- PathInputPanel strings -->
<str id="PathInputPanel.isfile"
txt="You have entered a path to a file. Please select a path to a new or existing directory."/>
<str id="PathInputPanel.required" txt="The chosen directory should exist."/>
<str id="PathInputPanel.required.forModificationInstallation" txt="The chosen directory should exist."/>
<str id="PathInputPanel.notValid"
txt="The chosen directory does not contain the required product."/>
<!-- TargetPanel strings -->
<str id="" txt="Select the installation path: "/>
<str id="TargetPanel.browse" txt="Browse..."/>
<str id="TargetPanel.warn"
txt="The directory already exists! Are you sure you want to install here and possibly overwrite existing files?"/>
<str id="TargetPanel.empty_target"
txt="You have not specified a target location! Is this correct?"/>
<str id="TargetPanel.createdir" txt="The target directory will be created: "/>
<str id="TargetPanel.nodir" txt="This file is not a directory! Please choose a directory!"/>
<str id="TargetPanel.notwritable"
txt="This directory can not be written! Please choose another directory!"/>
<str id="TargetPanel.incompatibleInstallation"
txt="Incompatible installation detected. Uninstall it first, or choose another directory to install to."/>
<str id="TargetPanel.syntax.error"
txt="Invalid directory path. Please enter a directory path that meets the operating system's requirements."/>
<!-- JDKPathPanel strings -->
<str id="JDKPathPanel.extendedIntro"
txt="The installed application needs a JDK between version ${JDKPathPanel.minVersion} and ${JDKPathPanel.maxVersion}. A java runtime environment (JRE) will be not sufficient."/>
<str id="JDKPathPanel.intro"
txt="The installed application needs a JDK. A java runtime environment (JRE) will be not sufficient."/>
<str id="" txt="Select the JDK path:"/>
<str id="JDKPathPanel.badVersion1" txt="The chosen JDK has the wrong version (available: "/>
<str id="JDKPathPanel.badVersion2" txt=" required: "/>
<str id="JDKPathPanel.badVersion3" txt="). Should this JDK be used anyway?"/>
<str id="JDKPathPanel.badVersion4" txt="Continue anyway? [y/n] [n]"/>
<str id="JDKPathPanel.nonValidPathInReg"
txt="The Windows registry contains a non-valid path for this JDK. Should this JDK be used anyway?"/>
<str id="JDKPathPanel.jdkDownload"
txt="&lt;html&gt;&lt;p&gt;This software requires at least version ${JDKPathPanel.minVersion} of the Java Development Kit (JDK).&lt;p/&gt;
If it is not installed, please go to &lt;a href=''&gt;;/a&gt;,
to download and install it.&lt;/html&gt;"/>
<!-- PacksPanel strings -->
<str id="" txt="Select the packs you want to install:"/>
<str id="PacksPanel.tip" txt="Note: Grayed packs are required."/>
<str id="" txt="Total space required: "/>
<str id="PacksPanel.freespace" txt="Available space: "/>
<str id="PacksPanel.description" txt="Description"/>
<str id="PacksPanel.dependencyList"
txt="The selected package has the following dependencies and/or excludes"/>
<str id="PacksPanel.dependencies" txt="Dependencies: "/>
<str id="PacksPanel.excludes" txt="Excludes: "/>
<str id="PacksPanel.notEnoughSpace"
txt="Disk space required for the installation exceeds available disk space."/>
<str id="PacksPanel.notAscertainable" txt="not ascertainable"/>
<!-- InstallPanel strings -->
<str id="" txt="Click 'Install!' to begin the installation process"/>
<str id="InstallPanel.install" txt="Install!"/>
<str id="InstallPanel.tip" txt="Pack installation progress:"/>
<str id="InstallPanel.begin" txt=" "/>
<str id="InstallPanel.finished" txt="[Finished]"/>
<str id="InstallPanel.progress" txt="Overall installation progress:"/>
<str id="InstallPanel.overwrite.title" txt="File already exists"/>
<str id="InstallPanel.overwrite.question" txt="The following file already exists. Should it be overwritten?"/>
<!-- InstallationGroupPanel strings -->
<str id="InstallationGroupPanel.colNameSelected" txt="Selected"/>
<str id="InstallationGroupPanel.colNameInstallType" txt="InstallType"/>
<str id="InstallationGroupPanel.colNameSize" txt="Size"/>
<!-- InstallationTypePanel strings -->
<str id="" txt="Please choose the type of installation:"/>
<str id="InstallationTypePanel.normal" txt="New installation"/>
<str id="InstallationTypePanel.modify" txt="Modify installation"/>
<!-- FinishPanel strings -->
<str id="FinishPanel.success" txt="Installation has completed successfully."/>
<str id="FinishPanel.done" txt="Done"/>
<str id="" txt="Installation has failed!"/>
<str id="" txt="An uninstaller program has been created in: "/>
<str id="" txt="Generate an automatic installation script"/>
<str id=""
txt="Use this script to repeat this installation on other computers."/>
<str id="" txt="XML Files"/>
<!-- ImgPacksPanel strings -->
<str id="ImgPacksPanel.dependencyList" txt="Dependencies and/or excludes"/>
<str id="ImgPacksPanel.packs" txt="The following packs are available:"/>
<str id="ImgPacksPanel.snap" txt="Package snapshot:"/>
<str id="ImgPacksPanel.checkbox" txt=" Install this pack"/>
<!-- ShortcutPanel strings -->
<str id="ShortcutPanel.regular.list" txt="Select a Program Group for the Shortcuts:"/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.regular.default" txt="Default"/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.regular.desktop" txt="Create additional shortcuts on the desktop"/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.regular.startup" txt="Launch on startup"/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.regular.create" txt="Create shortcuts in the StartMenu"/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.regular.userIntro" txt="create shortcut for:"/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.regular.currentUser" txt="current user"/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.regular.allUsers" txt="all users"/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.alternate.apology"
txt="We are sorry but IzPack does not support the creation of shortcuts on this operating system. To create the shortcuts, please refer to your operating system manual."/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.alternate.targetsLabel"
txt="The following is a list of targets that the manufacturer of this software product wanted you to have access to."/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.alternate.textFileExplanation"
txt="You can save detailed information about the application targets in a text file for later reference."/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.alternate.saveButton" txt="Save Text File"/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.textFile.header"
txt="Shortcut Information\n====================\n\nThe following is a listing of all relevant information about the intended\nshortcuts. This information should make it possible to create shortcuts manually.\n"/>
<str id="" txt="Shortcut : "/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.textFile.location" txt="Intended Location : "/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.textFile.description" txt="Description : "/>
<str id="" txt="Shortcut Target : "/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.textFile.command" txt="Command Line : "/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.textFile.iconName" txt="Icon File : "/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.textFile.iconIndex" txt="Icon Index : "/>
<str id="" txt="Working Directory : "/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.location.desktop" txt="Desktop"/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.location.applications" txt="Applications Menu"/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.location.startMenu" txt="Start Menu"/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.location.startup" txt="Startup Group"/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.regular.StartMenu:Start-Menu" txt="Start-Menu"/>
<str id="ShortcutPanel.regular.StartMenu:K-Menu" txt="XDG-Menu"/>
<str id="" txt="Invalid program group. Please enter an alphnumeric string."/>
<!-- UserInputPanel strings -->
<str id="UserInputPanel.error.caption" txt="Error"/>
<str id="UserInputPanel.dir.nodirectory.message" txt="You must select a valid directory."/>
<str id="UserInputPanel.dir.nodirectory.caption" txt="No Directory Selected"/>
<str id="UserInputPanel.dir.notdirectory.message"
txt="The directory you have chosen either does not exist or is not valid."/>
<str id="UserInputPanel.dir.notdirectory.caption" txt="Invalid Directory"/>
<str id="UserInputPanel.file.nofile.message" txt="You must select a valid file."/>
<str id="UserInputPanel.file.nofile.caption" txt="No File Selected"/>
<str id="UserInputPanel.file.notfile.message"
txt="The file you have chosen either does not exist or is not valid."/>
<str id="UserInputPanel.file.notfile.caption" txt="Invalid File"/>
<str id="" txt="Autodetect"/>
<str id="" txt="Auto-detection failed."/>
<str id="" txt="Auto-Detection Failed"/>
<str id=""
txt="Check for the file or directory in the paths given above."/>
<str id="" txt="Enter location of {0}."/>
<str id="" txt="The existence of {0} is checked."/>
<str id="" txt="Browse..."/>
<str id="" txt="Delete..."/>
<str id=""
txt="The file or directory you have chosen either does not exist or is not appropriate."/>
<str id="" txt="Invalid Selection"/>
<str id="UserInputPanel.custom.swing.buttonlabel.add" txt="Add"/>
<str id="UserInputPanel.custom.swing.buttonlabel.remove" txt="Remove"/>
<!-- UserPathPanel strings -->
<str id="UserPathPanel.required" txt="The chosen directory should exist."/>
<str id="" txt="Select the path: "/>
<str id="UserPathPanel.browse" txt="Browse"/>
<str id="UserPathPanel.exists_warn"
txt="The directory already exists! Are you sure you want to install here and possibly overwrite existing files?"/>
<str id="UserPathPanel.empty_target"
txt="You have not specified a target location! Is this correct?"/>
<str id="UserPathPanel.createdir" txt="The target directory will be created: "/>
<str id="UserPathPanel.nodir" txt="This file is not a directory! Please choose a directory!"/>
<str id="UserPathPanel.notwritable"
txt="This directory can not be written! Please choose another directory!"/>
<!-- CompilePanel strings -->
<str id="CompilePanel.heading" txt="Compilation"/>
<str id="CompilePanel.tip" txt="Job compilation progress:"/>
<str id="CompilePanel.browse" txt="Browse..."/>
<str id="CompilePanel.browse.approve" txt="Use as compiler"/>
<str id="CompilePanel.start" txt="Start"/>
<str id="CompilePanel.progress.initial" txt="[Press Start button]"/>
<str id="CompilePanel.progress.finished" txt="[Finished]"/>
<str id="CompilePanel.progress.overall" txt="Overall compilation progress:"/>
<str id="CompilePanel.error" txt="Compilation failed"/>
<str id="CompilePanel.error.reconfigure" txt="Reconfigure"/>
<str id="CompilePanel.error.ignore" txt="Ignore"/>
<str id="CompilePanel.error.abort" txt="Abort"/>
<str id="CompilePanel.error.seebelow" txt="See below for the failed command and its output."/>
<str id="CompilePanel.error.nofiles" txt="Error while scanning for files for compilation."/>
<str id="CompilePanel.error.compilernotfound" txt="The compiler could not be run."/>
<str id="CompilePanel.error.invalidarguments" txt="Invalid arguments provided to the compiler."/>
<str id="CompilePanel.error.noclassfile"
txt="The compiler did not produce a class file for the source file "/>
<str id="CompilePanel.choose_compiler" txt="Compiler to use:"/>
<str id="CompilePanel.additional_arguments" txt="Additional compiler arguments:"/>
<!-- ProcessPanel strings -->
<str id="ProcessPanel.heading" txt="Processing"/>
<!-- SummaryPanel strings -->
<str id=""
txt="Installation will proceed with the following settings. Press Next to continue."/>
<str id="TargetPanel.summaryCaption" txt="Installation Path"/>
<str id="JDKPathPanel.summaryCaption" txt="JDK Path"/>
<str id="InstallationGroupPanel.summaryCaption" txt="Chosen Installation Feature"/>
<str id="PacksPanel.summaryCaption" txt="Chosen Installation Packs"/>
<str id="ImgPacksPanel.summaryCaption" txt="Chosen Installation Packs"/>
<str id="TreePacksPanel.summaryCaption" txt="Chosen Installation Packs"/>
<str id="UserPathPanel.summaryCaption" txt="Selected Path"/>
<str id="DefaultTargetPanel.summaryCaption" txt="Installation Path"/>
<!-- Strings for the Registry -->
<str id="functionFailed.RegOpenKeyEx" txt="Cannot open registry key {0}\\{1}."/>
<!-- CheckedHelloPanel strings -->
<str id="CheckedHelloPanel.productAlreadyExist0"
txt="This product is already installed on this computer under the path "/>
<str id="CheckedHelloPanel.productAlreadyExist1" txt="Are you sure you want to install another entity?"/>
<str id="CheckedHelloPanel.infoOverUninstallKey" txt="The uninstall key will be named: "/>
<!-- ConsolePrompt strings -->
<str id="ConsolePrompt.okCancel" txt="Enter O for OK, C to Cancel: "/>
<str id="ConsolePrompt.yesNo" txt="Enter Y for Yes, N for No: "/>
<str id="ConsolePrompt.yesNoCancel" txt="Enter Y for Yes, N for No, or C to Cancel: "/>
<str id="ConsolePrompt.ok" txt="O"/>
<str id="ConsolePrompt.cancel" txt="C"/>
<str id="ConsolePrompt.yes" txt="Y"/>
<str id="" txt="N"/>
<!-- ConsoleInstaller strings -->
<str id="ConsoleInstaller.continueQuitRedisplay" txt="Press 1 to continue, 2 to quit, 3 to redisplay"/>
<str id="ConsoleInstaller.acceptRejectRedisplay" txt="Press 1 to accept, 2 to reject, 3 to redisplay"/>
<str id="ConsoleInstaller.redisplayQuit" txt="Press 1 to redisplay, 2 to quit"/>
<str id="ConsoleInstaller.permissionError" txt="Administrative privileges required. Please re-run the installer with administrative privileges."/>
<str id="ConsoleInstaller.inputSelection" txt="Input selection: "/>
<str id="ConsoleInstaller.pagingMore" txt="More"/>
<str id="ConsoleInstaller.aborted.PressedCTRL-C" txt="CTRL-C pressed"/>
<str id="ConsoleInstaller.aborted.LicenseRejected" txt="License rejected"/>
<str id="ConsoleInstaller.aborted.PressedQuit" txt="Quit pressed"/>
<str id="ConsoleInstaller.shutdown.pendingFileOperations" txt="There are file operations pending after reboot"/>
<str id="ConsoleInstaller.shutdown.rebootingNow" txt="Rebooting now automatically"/>
<str id="ConsoleInstaller.shutdown.done" txt="Console installation done"/>
<str id="ConsoleInstaller.shutdown.aborted" txt="Console installation ABORTED by the user!"/>
<str id="ConsoleInstaller.shutdown.failed" txt="Console installation FAILED!"/>
<!-- AutomatedInstaller Strings -->
<str id="AutomatedInstaller.permissionError" txt="Administrative privileges required. Please re-run the installer with administrative privileges."/>
<!-- Next Media Strings -->
<str id="nextmedia.title" txt="Next install media"/>
<str id="nextmedia.msg" txt="Choose the next install media."/>
<str id="nextmedia.browsebtn" txt="Browse"/>
<str id="nextmedia.okbtn" txt="Apply"/>
<str id="nextmedia.cancelbtn" txt="Cancel"/>
<str id="nextmedia.choosertitle" txt="Choose install media"/>
<str id="nextmedia.filedesc" txt="install packs (.pak*)"/>
<!-- This string defines the time stamp format in the installation report.
The format details are documented in java.text.SimpleDateFormat -->
<str id="log.timeStamp" txt="MM-dd-yyyy [HH:mm:ss] zzzz"/>
<!-- Strings for various purposes in the logging/reporting system -->
<str id="log.reportHeading" txt=" IzPack INSTALLATION REPORT"/>
<str id="log.installFailed" txt="WARNING!!! The installation did not succeed!"/>
<str id="log.partialInstall"
txt="WARNING!!! The installation might not have completely succeeded!"/>
<str id="log.messageCount"
txt="This report contains {0} general message(s), {1} warning(s) and {2} error(s)"/>
<str id="log.application" txt="Installation report for : {0} Version {1}"/>
<str id="log.timePrefix" txt="Install time : {0}"/>
<str id="log.pathPrefix" txt="Install directory : {0}"/>
<str id="log.messageHeading" txt=" --- Installation Messages ---"/>
<str id="log.warningHeading" txt=" --- Warnings ---"/>
<str id="log.errorHeading" txt=" --- Errors ---"/>
<str id="log.exceptionPrefix" txt=" &gt;&gt; Exception: {0}"/>
<str id="log.messagePrefix" txt="Message [{0}] - "/>
<str id="log.warningPrefix" txt="Warning [{0}] - "/>
<str id="log.errorPrefix" txt="Error [{0}] - "/>
<str id="log.reportWriteErrorTitle" txt="Error writing report"/>
<str id="log.reportWriteError" txt="Unable to write the installation report to ''{0}''"/>
<str id="log.informUserTitle" txt="Installation Problems"/>
<str id="log.saveLogTitle" txt="Save Log File"/>
<str id="log.LogFileName" txt="installLog.txt"/>
<str id="log.informUserFail"
txt="&lt;html&gt;The installation did not succeed!&lt;br&gt;Would you like to write a log file?&lt;/html&gt;"/>
<str id="log.informUserPartial"
txt="&lt;html&gt;The installation might not have completely succeeded!&lt;br&gt;Would you like to write a log file?&lt;/html&gt;"/>
<!-- Strings for individual messages in the logging/reporting system. Numbers
for each category (message/warning/error) start at 0 -->
<str id="log.message_" txt=""/>
<str id="log.warning_" txt=""/>
<str id="log.error_0" txt="unable to write ''{0}''"/>
<str id="debug.changevariable" txt="modify value"/>
<str id="data.validation.error.title" txt="Validation failed"/>
<str id="data.validation.warning.title" txt="Validation failed - continuing installation"/>