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amwiki update Jun 12, 2017
aria2 Update Aug 18, 2017
cloud9-ide add aria2 Aug 18, 2017
cloudstack Update README and something. Apr 8, 2017
compose Update README and something. Apr 8, 2017
eclipse-che Update README and something. Apr 8, 2017
firefox Create Dockerfile Oct 21, 2016
ghost-buster Update Dockerfile Jun 3, 2016
grav Vim & Grav Jun 12, 2017
hackpad Update Dockerfile May 25, 2016
hans add hans Jul 1, 2017
hexo Hexo fixed May 3, 2018
kodexplorer-lamp Update Dockerfile Aug 28, 2016
lepto add lepto Jun 27, 2018
lnmp edit lnmp Oct 13, 2016
lxde-vnc-ubuntu VNC Dec 15, 2015
mongo add leanote and mongo Feb 3, 2017
mongodb-tools add mongodb-tools Feb 3, 2017
nginx-ssh Update Apr 6, 2016
october update more Mar 17, 2016
pagekit Update Jun 3, 2016
php-apache Update Mar 27, 2016
ptunnel Update Ptunnel Apr 9, 2017
restic tensorflow-go and restic Feb 16, 2017
shadowsocks-ubuntu Cloud9 Mar 24, 2016
shadowsocksr ssr Aug 29, 2016
ssdb Update May 25, 2018
tensorflow-go Merge branch 'master' of Jun 12, 2017
typecho Rename Dockerfile to Dockerfile.caddy Aug 31, 2016
LICENSE update base dockerfile Feb 21, 2016



There are README within the folders.

Contact me

No matter where I am, will be immediately received. My Email: echo "aUB6dW9sYW4ubWUK" | base64 -d


Project Description
base Base Images, All major programming language.
cloud9-ide Cloud9 IDE, learn more .
cloudstack Cloudstack image, Unfinish.
compose Compose image, just like native tool.
dog-tunnel A tunnel tool, Dog-tunnel lite client.
eclipse-che Eclipse Che image, now it'is deprecated.
firefox Firefox in Docker, use x11.
ghost-buster Export Ghost blog, as static site.
glusterfs Glusterfs in Docker, sync folder.
hackpad Dropbox Hackpad.
hexo Hexo, static site engine, learn more .
hugo Hugo, static site engine.
kodexporer-lamp LAMP and Kodexporer.
leanote Leanote, learn more .
lnmp LNMP with Compose.
lxde-vnc-ubuntu LXDE Desktop in Docker with VNC.
mongo Mongo for Alpine image.
mongodb-tools Mongodb Tools for Alpine.
nextcloud Nextcloud, faster and latest version.
nginx-ssh Nginx and ssh image.
october October CMS image.
pagekit Pagekit CMS image.
php-apache PHP and Apache.
ptunnel Ptunnel for Alpine.
restic Restic, A backup image.
shadowsocks-ubuntu Shadowsocks on Ubuntu image.
shadowsocksr ShadowsocksR for Alpine.
shellinabox Shellinabox image.
tensorflow-go Tensorflow and Python and Go in Notebook.
typecho Typecho image.
uploads Unfinish.