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FRISCjs is a FRISC processor simulator written in JavaScript. This project was inspited by the GameBoy emulator in JavaScript and jsLinux.

The FRISCjs simulator has two parts: a FRISC assembler (built using PEGjs) which translates FRISC assembly code to machine code and a FRISC CPU simulator which executes machine code.

Furthermore, there are two user interfaces to the simulator: a Web application graphical interface and a NodeJS command-line interface. The Web application interface is available here.


The API of the core FRISCjs components is described here.


FRISCjs was developed by Ivan Zuzak. Contributors: Ivan Budiselic, Stanko Krtalic.

FRISCjs is built with many open-source projects:

  • PegJS - used for generating the FRISC assembly code parser.
  • NodeJS - used for the command-line version of the simulator.
  • jQuery - used for the Web application version of the simulator.
  • Bootstrap - used for the Web application version of the simulator.
  • Ace - used as the editor for the Web application version of the simulator.
  • Keymaster - used for reconfiguring/disabling keyboard shortcuts.


Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

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