(post comments) How to supercharge your free AppEngine quota? #3

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izuzak commented Feb 17, 2011

This issue is reserved for comments on the blog post How to supercharge your free AppEngine quota?. Leave a comment below and it will show up on the blog post's Web page. Thanks!

hrj commented Jan 21, 2012

Thanks for posting this. How does this pan out with the recently updated billing policy changes?

izuzak commented Jan 22, 2012

@hrj -- I was actually planning to update the blog post next week to answer that question (notice that the post was written in 2009.). Basically, the free GAE lunch is over since under the new billing model "Paid apps cost a minimum of $2.10/week..." (http://code.google.com/appengine/docs/billing.html#Enabling_Paid_Apps).

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