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v0.4.4 (13-5-2022)

  • Fix crash when loading 24 or 32 bit WAV files
  • Fix stuck modifier keys when changing focus (DATA wheel is incrementing too much)
  • Lower CPU usage

v0.4.3 (10-3-2022)

  • Pads light up when dragging a WAV or SND file over them (to indicate you can drop 'm there)
  • Fix crash when loading WAV files with corrupt chunk size information -- If file is too small, silence is loaded for the missing data
  • Fix crash when drag 'n dropping a WAV with filename length over 16 characters

v0.4.2 (17-1-2022)

v0.4.1 (26-12-2021)

v0.4.0 (14-11-2021)

  • Installers installs standalone and plugins
  • Self-contained, portable binaries with new file locations
  • User guide at
  • Raw USB volume support
  • Fix AU/VST3 crashes on MacOS when the UI is closed
  • Better error handling when loading/saving
  • Fix bug when changing DRUM in MAIN screen
  • Fix bug when setting next sequence to below 1
  • Fix incorrect sound index assignment crashes when encountering missing SND/WAV files in APS/PGM files
  • Fix crash when loading ALL file with sysex/mixer events
  • Various fixes to custom file names when saving APS, ALL, etc.
  • MIDI in respects 16 LEVELS mode
  • Display waveform of very short samples correctly
  • Show popup when trying to load unsupported/invalid SND/WAV
  • Numeric keys are clickable with the mouse
  • Data wheel, slider and rec gain/main volume knobs are mouse-wheel controllable
  • Fix crash when receiving unassigned MIDI notes from external MIDI controller
  • Self-recovering demo beats on Windows and MacOS (if you remove them, they will be restored anew)
  • Fixed a bug when loading WAV files without loops
  • Fixed a bug when saving and replacing an existing APS file

v0.3.1 (7-3-2021)

  • Native M1 included in MacOS universal binary
  • Support for variable sized buffers, i.e. improved FL Studio support
  • Retain plugin state when saving plugin hostproject and when changing buffer size
  • Ubuntu 18.04 standalone binary published
  • Auto-save programs, sounds, sequences and songs
  • MIDISW screen implemented (control some of MPC2000XL's functions with MIDI CCs)
  • Fix vmpc-specific setting 16 levels Erase mode -- options have become All levels (like real MPC2000XL) and Only pressed level
  • Performance improvements (don't allocate memory on the audio thread)
  • Fix note repeat footer appearing during stop
  • Fix a bug where many notes would not be played during note repeat and
  • Fix Erase operation while 16 levels enabled
  • Add vmpc-specific setting 16 levels Erase mode -- Any pressed pad (like the real MPC2000XL) or Only source pad
  • Add note repeat footer to MAIN screen like real 2000XL
  • Imlement note repeat lock like real 2000XL: press SHIFT while holding TAP/NOTE REPEAT)
  • Fix hanging voices when playing looped sounds in note repeat mode
  • Fix Erase screen erase operation crash
  • Import loop points of drag-and-dropped SND/WAV files
  • Fix erase while recording/overdubbing -- only erase the notes of the pads you press
  • Fixed a loop bug (LOOP TO was ignored)
  • Fixed various 16-levels bugs
  • Fixed step editor F6 (PLAY) stuck pad
  • Datawheel customizable keyboard mapping
  • Datawheel fine mode -- hold Shift while dragging the wheel to move +/- 17x slower
  • Fix LOOP bug (thank you Son Ray Burns for pointing this out)
  • Import WAV loop data -- 1st loop of the "smpl" chunk
  • Improved keyboard handling, notably of Shift, Control, Alt/Option and their combinations
  • Customizable keyboard mapping -- finally a road towards international, non-US keyboard support
  • New screens -- VmpcKeyboard -- to manage mapping, and VmpcDiscardMapping, VmpcResetKeyboard -- to prevent unwanted (loss of) mapping changes

v0.2.0 (11-10-2020)

  • Drag-and-drop single SND/WAV files onto pads
  • Large refactoring, mostly GUI related
  • Punch mode
  • Tap-to-set-tempo
  • Fix loading and saving of most file formats
  • Fixes too many bugs and crashes to mention here

v0.1.5 (23-6-2020)

  • Fix no audio input (sampling) issue in standalone

v0.1.4 (9-5-2020)

  • Plugin compatibility matrix
  • Logic Pro X support (experimental)
  • Cubase 10 support (experimental)
  • Ableton support (experimental)
  • Reaper support (experimental)
  • Return to SAVE screen after saving PGM

v0.1.3 (5-5-2020)

  • Fix various Timing Correct screen cosmetic issues and some functionality
  • Honor full-level when clicking pads with the mouse
  • Fix an UNDO + Timing Correct related crash
  • Fix MASTER tempo source (currently no tempo changes are supported)
  • Popups when saving SND/WAV as part of a PGM or APS


  • Fix Erase screen crashes and cosmetic issues


  • FXedit screen doesn't crash (the screen is still useless because there is no EB16 emulation)
  • WAV-files that have non-data chunks will now quick-preview correctly
  • No more crash after visiting the Metronome Sound screen


  • Initial versioned release
  • Version number displayed in top right
  • Switch between VMPC and ORIGINAL pad mapping in Shift + 0 screen

VMPC pad mapping is notes 35 to 98 in ascending order, making it much easier to control vMPC2000XL with a pad or keyboard controller. ORIGINAL is the original wacky mapping.