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Plugin Compatibility Matrix

VST instruments with audio inputs are a bit of a rare one. Once upon a time a sound generating plugin was thought to never need audio inputs. Only effects needed ins and outs.

Long story short, using VMPC2000XL as a sampler, recording new sounds with it, doesn't work properly in all DAWs. Maybe some things will improve as my understanding of it does, but for now the below matrices apply.

Linux LV2 Audio LV2 MIDI VST3 Audio VST3 MIDI
Carla ? ? ? ?
LMMS ? ? ? ?
Ardour ? ? ? ?
Windows 10 VST3 Audio VST3 MIDI
Ableton Live 10 1 stereo in
5 stereo out
16 channels in
1 channel out
Reaper 6 1 stereo in (always monitoring)
5 stereo out
Cubase 10 0 stereo in
5 stereo out
macOS AU AUv3 VST3
Logix Pro (X) 1 stereo in (Side Chain in top right of plugin)
5 stereo out
0 stereo in
1 stereo out
only MIDI input
Ableton Live 10 1 stereo in
5 stereo out
unsupported by Live
GarageBand 0 stereo in
1 stereo out
only MIDI input
Cubase 10
Reaper 6

Supported features

  • MIDI note on/off input and output
  • Multiple instances
  • MIDI CLOCK slave synchronization
  • Any MIDI Controller (1-127) controls the slider
  • Persist full state including samples to DAW projects and programs

Not implemented:

  • Musical position synchronization
  • Button to MIDI mapping

This will also serve as a rough indication of VMPC2000XL's MIDI and other control protocol support for the time being, which indeed is very crude and limited compared to the original.