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Stækka Metasploit - Extenting Metasploit

This Msf plugin extends Metasploit for some missing features and modules allowing interaction with other/custom exploits/ways of getting shell access. The current focus here is Linux/Unix support.

Core features

  • TTY support: starting a shell from Metasploit allowing interaction with TTY support and session migration into Metasploit. This allows custom ways of gaining a shell (private non-metasploit exploits) and to use this shell as Metasploit session for executing post exploitation modules. There is also another SSH module for using a TTY shell while interacting with the session.

  • Performance hacks: For improving performance caching has been added allowing to cache command output of often used commands (like uname) or files. For searching files it is possible to run "find" once and to store the results. This can be re-used for many search requests (find all files with *shadow*, find all suid files, ...etc). For recursive downloads tar can be used which speeds up downloads.


Setting environment and loading it for further usage (can be any shell profile/startup)

export STAEKKA_PATH=$HOME/.staekka/
echo 'export STAEKKA_PATH=$HOME/.staekka/' >>$HOME/.profile

Copy it into installation directory

cp -r staekka  $STAEKKA_PATH

Copy Metasploit plugins

mkdir -p $HOME/.msf4/plugins/
cp  $STAEKKA_PATH/plugins/staekka.rb $HOME/.msf4/plugins/
cp  $STAEKKA_PATH/plugins/info_path.rb $HOME/.msf4/plugins/

Installation of dependencies (gem installation without root required)

gem install --user bindata
gem install --user minitar
gem install --user ruby-termios

Or installation of dependencies via bundler

bundle install


$ export STAEKKA_PATH=$HOME/.staekka/
$ cd ../metasploit-framework/
$ ./msfconsole
msf > load staekka
msf > use auxiliary/shell/interactive
msf auxiliary(interactive) > info


New sessions:

  • auxiliary/shell/interactive This module executes a command (shell) you can interact with. You can add this shell session to mfs sessions
  • auxiliary/shell/ssh_session Login using SSH with TTY support
  • auxiliary/shell/offline_audit This module allows to perform tests/audits with pre-collected data

Post exploitation - Linux/Unix:

  • post/unix/general/secure_delete Overwriting and deleting files and directories (anti-forensic)
  • post/unix/general/updatedb Creating an updatedb for faster file searches and perform searches
  • post/unix/general/download Downloading files faster transfering them via HTTP(s)
  • post/unix/general/upload Uploading files faster transfering them via HTTP(s)
  • post/unix/general/shell2ssh Starting a new ssh server using a custom config and start an extra SSH session

Post exploitation - Analyse

  • post/unix/gather/download_interessting Download interesting files based on a file list and regex
  • post/unix/gather/enum_history Download and analyse history files
  • post/unix/gather/enum_logfiles Download and analyse log files

Post exploitation - Logs

  • post/unix/general/logs/dump_lastlog Dump lastlog log files as text
  • post/unix/general/logs/dump_utmp Dump utmp log files as text
  • post/unix/general/logs/clear_lastlog Clear lastlog logfiles
  • post/unix/general/logs/clear_utmp Clear utmp log files
  • post/unix/general/logs/clear_syslog Clear syslog like (text) log files

Post exploitation - Analyse Linux

  • post/linux/gather/protection/kernel Check for kernel extra hardenings
  • post/linux/gather/protection/binaries Check for kernel extra hardenings

Name: stækka

Stækka: Icelandic word for (enlarge/expand/grow). This plugin extends Metasploit for some features.



Sometimes msfconsole shows "\r" Fix: Use the system Readline library instead of RbReadline

msfconsole -L


Stækka Metasploit - Extenting Metasploit




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