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Minimal Visual Elements Library

Minimal Visual Elements Library (MVEL) is a very generic interactive structures and information displaying library released under the MIT license.

This means it aims to satisfy simple needs related to construct and show structured information (such as really simple diagramming) in an interactive manner. For this, it provides area containers and elements that are extendable and customizable.

Basing on top of JQuery UI and smart custom-made specific functionality, all of the provided elements are persistable, draggable and resizable HTML4 DOM elements.

Also, it allows you to lock any of the elements in it's current size and position and/or remove them just by accesing the menu that appears when mouse is over (you can add custom options to the menu in your extensions).

As an example of it's extensible nature, it is provided the Label element (which btw it's draggable but not resizable).

In the demo included you can check the basic funcionality including some customizations to create special containers (Box, Frame, Section, Zone, etc).

Check the demo, it's easier to get the idea just by seeing mvel in action.

For more details, check the included documentation.

Javier Santo Domingo