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Ablayer - Mix local sources and proxied sources
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This tool allows you to proxy an external site and overwrite external sources with local versions.


  • Running experiments against a external applications.
  • For creating layered abtests (an ABtest that can be added as a layer on top of an existing system).
  • Serves your code as if it was part of the system, without the need of running the entire system locally.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting in production: Allows you to test your local (javascript) build against production.
  • Great for demonstrations and proof of concepts.


ablayer --url [--port 9900] [--cors]


npm install -g ablayer
  • Tested with node 8, npm 5, on linux and MacOS.

An example:

  • Check out the Hackernews example to see how ablayer can be used to try out a custom theme and add new/seen/read comments feature to Hackernews


  • Proxy against http and https servers.
  • Serves files from the current directory
    • abtest.js will be automatically injected in each html file that is served via ablayer.
    • for each requested file ablayer will check if it exists locally, otherwise it will proxy the request to the external server.
  • Will rewrite links so you stay on localhost.
  • Cookies are handled appropriately, so you can login via your localhost on the external system.
  • Redirects will be rewritten, so you stay on localhost.

Bugs and feedback

You may use github issues for bugs, feedback, feature requests here

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