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This directory contains all the scripts used for the analysis of bandwidth.

To use (requires access to all repos):

  1. Put this project in /root/jcw78/scripts
  2. Go to setup
  3. Run ./ (Do this even if you expanded this from a tar archive)
  4. If this is a capture machine with an ExaNIC HPT, run ./
  5. If this machine uses a 10G solarflare NIC and needs a driver update, run ./
  6. After is finished, the following folders will be in /root/jcw78:
    • process_pcap_traces: start here to process expcap traces.
    • SUMMER2017: The benchmarking infrastructure this project is built on top of. If you want to add new benchmarks, start here and go to SUMMER2017/apps/benchmark
    • pcap_files: a set of generated pcap files for use during testing.
    • NRG-dev: APIs for the NRG.
    • NetFPGA-SUME-live + OSTN-SUME-line:

ALTERNATIVE (repos already cloned):

  1. Unzip environment.tar into /root/jcw78
  2. Then follow the normal setup :)

After that is done, - setup/: This contains scripts to set up machines. Some scripts may need modification for your system: those are explained clearly in the README there. Start here, or do steps 1-5 above to setup your machines. - apps: This contains scripts used to run and capture from the benchmark suite. If you are looking to run a capture, start here. - evaluation: This contains scripted tests to analyze the correctness, accuracy and precision of a capture setup. If you are looking to analyze an experimental setup, start here. - hpt_setup: This contains Exablaze capture software and drivers. If you are looking to create a bespoke analysis of Expcap traces, start here (If you are looking to repeat an existing analysis, start in process_pcap_traces -- see above). - bitfiles: This contains bitfiles for OSNT and the NRG. - dag: This contains scripts to start and stop the Endace DAG recording. - hpt: Contains scripts to start and stop the HPT recodring and manage clock synchronization. - nrg: Scripts to set rate and delay. - general: This contains bash libraries loaded by other scripts. - HPT_test/: This contains scripts used to test the HPT card. Some scripts may need to be run after every reboot. -

#Configuration Every directory has a config file and a README. You should start at the README, then edit the config file as appropriate.

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