Security-minded communications for Go
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Security-minded communications for Go. Primary goal is to exclusively use HTTPS/TLS for everything, providing both security and privacy for common network needs (DNS, NTP, etc).

The functionality includes:

  • DNS-over-HTTPS (DOH) client (RFC8484), biased to Cloudflare and Google servers, and utilizing an internal cache.

  • An HTTPS client, using DOH for DNS lookups, that includes various methods to verify the server/server certificate (system roots, custom roots, pins, etc). Specific support is provided for Cloudfront and Cloudflare, a la CDN domain-fronting style obfuscation of traffic destination.

  • A method to bootstrap receiving current date/time over HTTPS (instead of via NTP), for IoT/RTC-challenged devices. The process is more complicated than it sounds, because you need a reasonably accurate concept of time in order to correctly validate the HTTPS certificate chain and get to the point where you can trust the date/time provided to you.

The code is generally concurrency safe for use, but not for live changes to Client object while running concurrent to lookup/request operations.