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(ns shootout.nbody-type
[clojure.contrib.str-utils2 :as su] )
(:gen-class) )
Jovian planets N-body simulation
Clojure 1.2 version. Runs in less than half the time of the original version
for Clojure 1.1.
Timing on MacBook Pro, N=50000000
real 0m22.418s
user 0m23.412s
Timing for Java version - same machine, same N
Java from
real 0m13.118s
user 0m13.126s
This makes Clojure ~1.7x slower than Java, which is a massive improvement
over the initial version (Clojure 1.1 style) at ~4x slower.
The improvement is entirely due to using the new 1.2 definterface and
deftype constructs with improved support for primitives.
(definterface IBody
(^String name [])
(^double mass [])
(^double x [])
(^double y [])
(^double z [])
(^double vx [])
(^double vy [])
(^double vz [])
(clone [] "returns copy of self")
(p_BANG_ [^double x ^double y ^double z] "set position")
(p_dt_BANG_ [^double dt] "update position")
(v_dt_BANG_ [^double dt other] "update velocity")
(v_BANG_ [^double vx ^double vy ^double vz] "set velocity")
(v_PLUS__BANG_ [^double vx ^double vy ^double vz] "add to velocity")
(energy [nbodies] "energy relative to nbodies"))
(deftype Body [^String name
^double mass
^{:unsynchronized-mutable true :tag double} x
^{:unsynchronized-mutable true :tag double} y
^{:unsynchronized-mutable true :tag double} z
^{:unsynchronized-mutable true :tag double} vx
^{:unsynchronized-mutable true :tag double} vy
^{:unsynchronized-mutable true :tag double} vz ]
(name [this] name)
(x [this] x)
(y [this] y)
(z [this] z)
(vx [this] vx)
(vy [this] vy)
(vz [this] vz)
(mass [this] mass)
(clone [this] (Body. name mass x y z vx vy vz))
(p! [this nx ny nz]
(set! x nx) (set! y ny) (set! z nz)
(v! [this nvx nvy nvz]
(set! vx nvx) (set! vy nvy) (set! vz nvz)
(v+! [this dvx dvy dvz]
(set! vx (+ vx dvx))
(set! vy (+ vy dvy))
(set! vz (+ vz dvz)))
(p-dt! [this dt]
(set! x (+ x (* dt vx)))
(set! y (+ y (* dt vy)))
(set! z (+ z (* dt vz)))
this )
(v-dt! [this dt other]
(let [^Body nbody other
dx (- x (.x nbody))
dy (- y (.y nbody))
dz (- z (.z nbody))
dsq (+ (* dx dx)
(+ (* dy dy)
(* dz dz)))
mag (/ dt (* dsq (Math/sqrt dsq)))
m1 (- (* (.mass nbody) mag))
m2 (* mass mag) ]
; own velocity
(set! vx (+ vx (* dx m1)))
(set! vy (+ vy (* dy m1)))
(set! vz (+ vz (* dz m1)))
; v of other
(.v+! nbody (* dx m2) (* dy m2) (* dz m2))
this ))
(energy [this nbodies]
(let [v-sq (+ (* vx vx) (* vy vy) (* vz vz))
e (* 1/2 mass v-sq) ; kinetic energy: 1/2 * m * v^2
f (fn [e ^Body nbody]
(let [dx (- x (.x nbody))
dy (- y (.y nbody))
dz (- z (.z nbody))
dist (Math/sqrt
(+ (* dx dx) (* dy dy) (* dz dz))) ]
(- e (/ (* mass (.mass nbody))
dist)))) ]
(reduce f e nbodies)))
(toString [this]
(let [fmt " %s mass %.3f\n p: [%.3f %.3f %.3f]\n v: [%.3f %.3f %.3f]\n"]
(format fmt name mass x y z vx vy vz (type x)))) )
(let [solar-mass (* 4 Math/PI Math/PI)
days-year 365.24 ]
(defn mk-body [b-name & args]
(let [{:keys [x y z vx vy vz mass]} (apply hash-map args) ]
(Body. (name b-name) (* mass solar-mass) x y z
(* vx days-year) (* vy days-year) (* vz days-year)))))
; Data for initial state
(def *data*
(mk-body :sun
:x 0.0
:y 0.0
:z 0.0
:vx 0.0
:vy 0.0
:vz 0.0
:mass 1.0 )
(mk-body :jupiter
:x 4.84143144246472090e+00
:y -1.16032004402742839e+00
:z -1.03622044471123109e-01
:vx 1.66007664274403694e-03
:vy 7.69901118419740425e-03
:vz -6.90460016972063023e-05
:mass 9.54791938424326609e-04 )
(mk-body :saturn
:x 8.34336671824457987e+00
:y 4.12479856412430479e+00
:z -4.03523417114321381e-01
:vx -2.76742510726862411e-03
:vy 4.99852801234917238e-03
:vz 2.30417297573763929e-05
:mass 2.85885980666130812e-04 )
(mk-body :uranus
:x 1.28943695621391310e+01
:y -1.51111514016986312e+01
:z -2.23307578892655734e-01
:vx 2.96460137564761618e-03
:vy 2.37847173959480950e-03
:vz -2.96589568540237556e-05
:mass 4.36624404335156298e-05 )
(mk-body :neptune
:x 1.53796971148509165e+01
:y -2.59193146099879641e+01
:z 1.79258772950371181e-01
:vx 2.68067772490389322e-03
:vy 1.62824170038242295e-03
:vz -9.51592254519715870e-05
:mass 5.15138902046611451e-05 ) ))
(def *bodies*)
(defn init-state []
"Initialize state"
; clone is a convenience for repeated runs in the REPL.
(def *bodies* (into-array Object (map #(.clone %) *data*)))
(let [[px py pz] (reduce (fn [[px py pz] ^Body b]
(+ px (* (.vx b) (.mass b)))
(+ py (* (.vy b) (.mass b)))
(+ pz (* (.vz b) (.mass b))) ))
[0.0 0.0 0.0]
sun (aget *bodies* 0)
mass (.mass sun) ]
(.v! sun (/ (- px) mass) (/ (- py) mass) (/ (- pz) mass))))
(defn energy
"Total energy for current state"
([] (energy *bodies*)) ; total
([bodies] ; loop
(if-not bodies 0.0
(+ (.energy (first bodies) (next bodies))
(energy (next bodies))))))
(defn advance [dt]
"Move system one dt timestep forwards"
(let [^objects bodies *bodies*
len (int (alength bodies))
dt (double dt) ]
(dotimes [i len]
(let [^Body body (aget bodies i) ]
; update velocity
(loop [j (unchecked-inc i) ]
(when (< j len)
(let [^Body nbody (aget bodies j)]
(.v-dt! body dt nbody)
(recur (unchecked-inc j)))))
; update position
(.p-dt! body dt)))))
(defn -main [& args]
(let [n (Integer/parseInt (first args)) ]
(println (format "%.9f" (energy)))
(dotimes [_ (int n)]
(advance 0.01))
(println (format "%.9f" (energy)))))
; Verify correct output for n = 1000
; Data:
(defn- verify []
(let [[e-init e-end] ["-0.169075164" "-0.169087605"]
[init end] (su/split (with-out-str (-main "1000")) #"\s+") ]
(if (= init e-init) (println "Start state OK")
(println "Start state ERROR: got" init "should be" e-init))
(if (= end e-end) (println "End state OK")
(println "End state ERROR: got" end "should be" e-end))))
(defn time-test []
(time (-main "1000000")))
(defn time-full []
(time (-main "50000000")))