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Extend the SimH simulator with real or simulated console panels
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LICENSE New PDP-15 Java panel; changes in getopt2() cmd line processing Aug 4, 2016

BlinkenBone - extend the SimH simulator with real or simulated console panels.

"BlinkenBone" is an architecture to connect simulators of vintage computers with "Blinkenlight panels".

The panels can be vintage physical panels enhanced with modern micro-Linux controllers, or graphical Java simulations of the panels.

The interface between simulator and panel is a network-base client/server model.

At the moment, DEC PDP-11/20, PDP-11/40, PDP-11/70, PDP-8/I, PDP-10/KI10 and PDP-15 are available.

Sources and precompiled distributions for Win32, Ubuntu and RaspberryPi can be downloaded.

Documentation at:


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