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MACRO11 is an PDP-11 cross assembler, written in C. Projects files are included only for Win32 platform MS Visual Studio 2015, as it's been used as part of PDP11GUI.

This MACRO11 was forked from Richard Krebiehls version in 2008. Thanks! Richard's version is here..

Changes since then:

  • restructured the sources
  • bugfixes. For example "JMP Rn is illegal" on "jmp (rx)".
  • added option "-listhex" to generate listings in hex instead of octal (helpful for work with modern logic analyzers).

Also see my MACRO11 page.

Apparently in 2009 my code was forked into github, without notifying me. See github.com/shattered/macro11 !

The changes made there were also merged into this code in Nov 2016.