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This document will guide you through the creation of your first project using the Bear Engine.

Installing the dependencies

We use CMake as the build system (http://www.cmake.org/). You will also need a C++ compiler and the following libraries in order to build the engine and its tools:

Creating your project using the wizard

When all the dependencies are installed, you can run the project wizard script provided with this file in order to build a fully functional project based on the Bear Engine:

path/to/project-wizard.sh YourProjectName

Then jump to the section named "Building your project" to see how to build your project!

Creating your project step by step

First of all, you need to get the source of the engine:

git clone https://github.com/j-jorge/bear.git

Ensure that you have all the dependencies installed, then enter the loned repository in order to build and install the engine:

cd bear
cmake . -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=release
make install # as root

Create a directory for your project then copy the content of the sample-project directory provided with this document into your project's root directory. Edit this file to set the path to the directory of the cloned repository of the bear engine (line 6) and optionally to set your program's executable name (line 42).

Building your project

You can use the file YourProjectDirectory/launcher/main.cpp as the base for your project, as it provides a minimal game code. When you will need more c++ files, add them anywhere and list them in the CMakeLists.txt, in the set( SOURCES … ) directive line 44.

Finally, enter your project's directory and run cmake and make to configure and to build your program:

cd your/project/directory
cmake .