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Search & replace across multiple file

:args helpers/* admin/*
# update only saves the affected files
:argdo %s/is_released/released/gec | update


Ctrl-D - Scroll down half a page
Ctrl-U - Scroll Up half a page

Ctrl-F - Scroll down full page
Ctrl-B - Scroll up full page

CTRL-E/CTRL-Y - scroll window down/up without moving cursor


; , repeat the last f, F, t, or T


zo / zO - open fold (if the cursor is on the fold line) / multi level
zc / zC - close closest fold / multi level
za / zA - toggle / multi level
zR - open all folds
zM - close all folds
zj - move to the start of the next fold 
zk - move to the end of the previous fold