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from npiv.model_wrapper import ModelWrapper
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
def test_model_wrapper_predict(minimal_model_object, minimal_data_ones):
after wrapping a model object in a ModelWrapper, the predict() function should
still behave as expected
# see for model specification info
wrapped_model = ModelWrapper(minimal_model_object)
df = minimal_data_ones
# model multiplies each column by it's corresponding coefficient,
# so the resulting predictions should be
# equal to the sum of these coefficients
coef_summed = np.sum(wrapped_model.feat_coefs)
df['true_yhat'] = np.repeat(coef_summed, df.shape[0])
df['yhat'] = wrapped_model.predict(df[wrapped_model.feature_name()])
df['diff'] = df['true_yhat'] - df['yhat']
max_diff = df['diff'].max()
if max_diff > .00001:
"model_wrapper.predict appears to be giving incorrect results \n{}".format(df)
def test_model_wrapper_marginal_effect_plots(minimal_model_object, minimal_data_random):
tests that the computed marignal effects of a model are as we would expect
wrapped_model = ModelWrapper(minimal_model_object)
df = minimal_data_random
mfx = wrapped_model.marginal_effect_plots(df, plot=False)
# compute the min and max marginal effects returned by this function
coef_df = mfx.groupby('feature name')['marginal effect'].agg(['min', 'max'])
# and merge in the true parameters
true_coefs_df = pd.DataFrame({'feature name': wrapped_model.feature_name(),
'truth': wrapped_model.feat_coefs}).set_index("feature name")
coef_df = true_coefs_df.join(coef_df, how='left')
# print the dataframe
# shouldn't be any nulls
if not coef_df.notnull().all().all():
raise ValueError("coef_df should not have any missing values")
# make sure the min and max of the computed marginal effects don't differ too much from truth
if ((coef_df['min']-coef_df['truth']).abs().max() > .00001) or \
((coef_df['min'] - coef_df['truth']).abs().max() > .00001):
raise ValueError("computed marginal effects differ from truth")
def test_model_wrapper_partial_dependency_doesnt_crash(minimal_model_object, minimal_data_random):
tests that the partial dependency function doesn't crash.
ideally we'd like to test that it produces correct results,
but that's a bit annoying so...
wrapped_model = ModelWrapper(minimal_model_object)
df = minimal_data_random
pdp_df = wrapped_model.partial_dependency_plots(df, plot=False)