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Why Simple Budget?

Simple Budget was created out of a frustration of trying to find a simple “envelope” method budgeting program that would carry over from month to month. From simple to elaborate, I could not find something that suits my needs so I created Simple Budget.

Simple Budget was written because I wanted a very simple way of keeping track of my expenses and savings from month to month.

What Simple Budget does:
– Keeps track of your spending.
– Allows you to track your saving for a budget fund month to month using the "envelope" type system.
– It is easy.
– It is free. Use at your own risk, It is a work in progress.\

Here is a list of NON-features:
– It does not have any bells and whistles.
– It is not “internationalized” and uses the “$”.
– Since I wrote if for myself, it is in “English”.
– It does not encrypt its data file.
– It does not access the Internet.
– You can not access it on-line.
– There is no smartphone app for it.
– It does not display ads.
– And it does not spy on you.\

I created Simple Budget for my own use. If you find bugs, I would love to know about them. If you have an idea for a feature or a suggestion of how to do something better, I welcome it. I created Simple Budget for myself, and decided maybe someone else could benefit from it also. If you want to troll me, go write your own program.


Get it from the Snap Store

  • If you can not print the reports, run the following command in a terminal session:
  • sudo snap connect simplebudget:cups-control :cups-control


Click on the latest version of the Windows install and click "Download". Run the installation program. The install program will ask you where you want the files. The default location is in a folder called "Simple Budget" under "Program Files". Select a folder where you would like them to go. Run "simplebudget.exe" from that folder. The first time Simple Budget is ran, it will create a data folder named "simplebudget" under the user's profile directory. This is where Simple Budget will store its data files.

Please note that Simple Buget is not a MicroSoft signed program. Therefore, you might have trouble downloading it. You may be asked if you are sure you want to download or install Simple Budget since it is not verified by MicroSoft. I wrote it for the Linux operating system and provide it as a Windows app because it might be useful to someone. Therefore, if you don't trust that, don't install it.

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