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Demo for Computational Intelligence

This code covers an implementation of the ideas presented in the submitted article. Some of the entry points are listed here:

  • Configuration: core/src/configs/config-core.js
  • Weighting methods: core/src/modules/matrix.js
  • Similarity measures: core/src/modules/vectors.js
  • Feature extraction: core/src/modules/tokens.js
  • Validation methods: core/src/utilities/validation.js

Hosted demo

A hosted demo is available at:

Run demo locally

To run a local version of the demo:

  1. clone the repository
  2. navigate to directory app
  3. build from source (see below)
  4. start a web server in the dist folder
  5. navigate your browser to the location

Build from source

To build the demo from source you need to have the following tools globally installed:

Execute the following steps to set up the development environment (in directory app). A build will be automatically generated into dir.

  • npm install

To generate a new build from source into dir:

  • gulp build
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